Function Order: Ne-Ti-Fe-Si

George is a successful businessman, but does less running of the company than he does “playing around,” having a short attention span, and going through women quickly… but he also is surprisingly insightful into what he tells Lucy. He tells her perhaps it isn’t that she gets dumped by men all the time, but she is “running them off” because she knows they aren’t the one for her. He hires her, even though she has been fighting him in the courts forever, because “maybe you would win, if you worked for us, for once.” He sees potential in her, and then comes to rely on her stability in his workplace. Though charming, George has no real concern for anyone other than himself, and is very hedonistic and selfish for a long time; he assumes because he pays Lucy that he owns her and can call her any time, day or night – to help him pick out a suit for a television interview or deal with a girl who wants to take him home for the night. He mistakes what people say to him at times, assuming they mean something other than they mean, but is also a creative problem solver—when Lucy refuses to “go” in the front seat of her car, he drags her across a traffic jam and pays someone a thousand bucks to let her use the bathroom RV. George tells Lucy she needs to ‘talk about her feelings’ and not bottle them up, and is often frank in his assessment of her, sometimes meanly so – which causes friction between them until they eventually realize they miss each other. He isn’t above giving his ex-wife more alimony than she deserves, because he knows she was right in her criticism of him of being a serial cheater. He can be poor in his sensory assessment of people, including assuming a woman is pregnant who isn’t (and then assuming she isn’t, when she is). He is often unsure of himself when it comes to doing things by himself, especially making sensory choices.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

George is an unapologetic “funny man,” who lives mostly to take care of his own needs and satisfying his own urges—he is a serial cheater who has been divorced multiple times, has a habit of sleeping with his secretaries, and who is rather self-absorbed and irresponsible. He often makes jokes to lighten the mood or make people feel better, and looks for ways to “cheer up” Lucy when she is down, rather than letting her sit with her pain. George can be absurd and delightful in his childish enjoyment of life, even wearing an oversized tie to a children’s benefit. He goes about his apology to her in a roundabout, indirect way. On occasion, he takes responsibility for his actions through his 6 wing, which doesn’t want to fight his wife tooth and claw for more money (he tells her she can have whatever she wants, if she signs an agreement). He doesn’t like to have Lucy mad at him or endure her disapproval. He likes people to like him and goes out of his way to make it right, when they don’t.