Dejah has two passions in life, the survival of her people and her discovery that could potentially shift the balance of power between her nation and their enemy, called the Ninth Ray. She believes in its existence even where others down it is real, and argues with her father that if she could only harness it, she could use it for greater goods. She tries to moderate her approach, because she thinks she comes on “too strong,” but argues violently on behalf of people as their advocate, and tries to convince John Carter to get involved in a war for the greater good for a race he has never known that is not his own, including leading him toward her city in the hope that once he sees the devastation their enemies have wrought, he will change his mind and agree to help them. She believes they could use a blue light weapon of war to “transform nations,” seeing in it its greater potential to do good rather than evil. When her father forces her into a marriage against her will, she asks him if this is the future he foresaw when they looked together to the stars? When John argues that war is shameful, she retorts that it is not shameful when done for a “noble difference.” She tries to persuade him to teach her how to jump and share that knowledge with her people, and when that fails, offers to pay him for this knowledge. She has known all along that she has been searching for something, and has found it “in you” (she knows he is the solution to all their problems). Though she wants to help her people, she cannot stand the idea of marrying a violent madman and says a life of oppression is not living. She looked into John’s soul when they met and saw “the heart of a man willing to fight for others. I tried to find another way… and you are that way.” She shows a lot of aggression in her fighting techniques, is fearless and unafraid to put herself into harms way with a sword, but also able to survive and protect herself much of the time. Dejah is curious about the unknown and loves to tinker with her invention in the hope of creating something lasting, but wants “more information” to go with her thoughts about the machine and its mechanisms. She allows John to receive the way back to earth, even though she knows he might choose to abandon them forever with it, rather than to help, because she promised him she would do so.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Dejah works hard to invent, create, and provide solutions for her people, and believes in putting oneself aside to do what is best for all of them, but that becomes hard when it involves her heart. She doesn’t want to marry an evil man to save them, but will for the greater good when she finds no other way out. She helps out John out of kindness but also in the hope that she can use their time together to convince him to change his mind and do the right thing for her people. She misleads him into believing she is taking him where he needs to go, but she is actually heading for her city instead so that he can see the devastation the war has wrought. Even though she resents his selfishness, Dejah keeps her promise to him to figure out how to send him home.