Function Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Estella has always been fashionable, ambitious, and opportunistic. She’s unable to sit in the car and wait for her mother, so she ruins a gala event and sees her mother’s death, then leaps into a truck and hitches a ride to London. She follows two orphans home, and years later has become a thief working with them to pick pockets and design fabulous outfits. When she’s given a chance to work in a department store, Estella champions for the right to re-design the store window displays, does so after she gets drunk one night, and lands a job with the Baroness, the most exclusive fashion designer in London. There, she contributes highly original designs and displays creative ideas, but her ambition comes to a grinding halt when she discovers the Baroness is the woman her mother visited that night, and pieces together her involvement in her mother’s death. Then it becomes about revenge, upstaging her, and tearing down everything she cares about. Cruella comes out to play, in which she uses a lot of Te – she comes up with diabolical plans (always in service of her need to make a statement through Se – she physically turns up places, falls out of garbage trucks, climbs on top of cars, breaks her friends out of jail, designs and sends out “Cruella-homage-inspired” outfits to all of the Baroness’ guests, and plans Estella’s unfortunate murder). Her friends find her callous, cold, unfriendly, and even mean, saying they wished they had Estella back – Estella would never consider such diabolical things! Estella early on shows a lot of Fi, blaming herself for her mother’s death, being considerate of her friends, and highly secretive in her feelings. She lets her emotions drive her actions, and realizes Jasper is right—if she intends to show up at the ball and not risk her job (which she loves), she has to go in disguise and create a new persona for herself. Estella says she has a sense that she is meant for “something more” and has always wanted to be a fashion designer; she shows Ni usage in her clever plots to take down the Baroness (including her schematics and detailed photo boards of what she intends to do – Te), especially in how she leads the Baroness into stealing one of her designs, then sews moths into the skirt so that they will emerge overnight and “ruin” everything in the vault), but not in piecing together the truth about the Baroness, the truth about her mother, or where she came from (her origins).

Enneagram: 3w4 so/sx

It’s hard to be a genius, she says immodestly at the beginning; there’s not a speck of humility anywhere to be seen, either in Estella or Cruella! She is highly ambitious and motivated, she thinks highly of her own creations and designs, she has total faith that she will become famous one day, and works hard to make that come true. She’s able to put aside her own feelings around the Baroness, for the most part, and pretend to be something she is not, to take her down and steal back her necklace. Cruella is unscrupulous and willing to fight fire with fire, taking on underhanded tactics to get ahead in her feud with the woman she hates, but also able to understand how her opponent thinks, because they are alike. Her 4 wing says there is nothing worse than being normal. She is moody, separate, and carves out a niche for herself in how she dresses, using her fashion, hair, etc., to make a public statement, but she also feels unwanted, unloved, and unappreciated, and is determined to show up everyone by being fabulous, darling.