The Baroness is an effective businesswoman who has built up a fashion empire and has hundreds of employees who do the work of designing so that she can choose the best pieces to represent her brand. She effortlessly delegates to them and has them turn in their designs and make mockups, which she then improves with her natural flair for drama and fashion. Though her designs were cutting edge a decade ago, she has somewhat lost her touch and become over-reliant on other people providing fodder for her to choose from, so she sees Cruella as a threat to her plan to stay on top with her fashion house. She also sees potential where it exists, and hires Estella on the spot having seen what she did with the window display (even while drunk) – “That is the best window display I’ve seen in this place in ten years. Give her my card.” She can be rather callous toward her insubordinates, even at one point using Estella’s cut hand (which she sliced open) to show people – “this is the red that I want, find it.” As a psychopath, she doesn’t care about anyone except herself, and even wanted her own child killed because she had no interest in being a mother or in raising it. She thinks Estella is Cruella without much proof, something her servants think is odd of her, and insists they arrest her the minute she arrives. She says she “always trusts” her instincts and they have never lead her wrong. The Baroness prides herself on throwing extravagant parties and hosting elaborate events, but is always somewhat undone by her rival’s flamboyant, extroverted opportunism. She isn’t always quick enough to react to bring things around to her side, but she also can be impulsive—thinking she can throw Estella off a cliff just as she did a former servant who displeased her many years ago. The Baroness has very little in the way of sympathy, compassion, or concern for anyone except herself; she can be emotional on her own behalf, but is not touched by anyone else’s struggles or pain, though she does try and get Estella to trust her by feigning a sense of shared camaraderie that is ultimately self-serving (how could you not be mine, you’re a genius – like me!).

Enneagram: 3w4 so/sp

Cruella knows the way to crush the baroness is to attack and take away everything she loves, from her reputation, to all the press she enjoys to her job. So she steadily works toward dismantling her status, showing her up in public, and provoking scenes intended to draw attention away from her and devalue her stocks. The Baroness mostly manages to save face throughout these encounters, even stoically toasting Cruella at the ball when Cruella has everyone dress up in “tribute” to her. As a pure narcissist, she reads aloud her good reviews and intimidates others into listening to them without interruption, insists everyone be “perfect,” and rejects any design she doesn’t feel is good enough for her line of clothing. She cuts corners in how she doesn’t design these garments herself, but instead takes credit for Estella’s work (and that of her other designers). When faced with trouble, she finds a way to deflect off it and twist it around to make herself look good. The Baroness doesn’t care about anyone or anything besides herself, did not want a child because it could ruin her career, and yet isn’t surprised to find out the truth, because she should have “recognized my own daughter’s genius.” She is arrogant, elitist, condescending, and self-absorbed, even blaming a servant whom she strikes with a chair as “being in my way.” She is snide, disapproving, and condescending to everyone, seeing them as basic, lacking good taste, or as peons intended to ‘serve’ her by feeding her reputation as a great designer. She prides herself on her ‘exquisite’ taste and even toasts herself (then, when Estella is offended, asks who ELSE she should toast).