Arlo is an optimistic young gater who wants “more, more, more” for his life, knows he does not belong in the swamp, and also needs to find out who he is, where he came from, who is parents are, and what meaning that has for his life. He does not feel complete without having a back story, and needs to find out “how do I fit into the big picture?” Where is his family and what happened to them? He feels like he has never truly belonged where he is, and needs to find out where he came from, before he can do anything about his future. He is wildly creative, imaginative, and idealistic, assuming the best for when he finds his parents, that his father will be “delighted” to see him and make room for him in his life. He marches into his penthouse to introduce himself with no warning and big expectations of being wanted, and when the cold, hard world clashes with his idealistic dreams, Arlo is crushed and defeated. But he soon recovers, because of his tendency to look for the best and create possibilities wherever he goes. He befriends a ragtag bunch of misfits and makes them into his family. Though excited to go to New York to find his dad, Alro has some last minute reluctance about leaving his home, since it is all he has ever known. He is sentimental about it, but once he’s out in the world, becomes enthusiastic about everything he encounters and eager to turn his dreams into reality.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Arlo does most things because they are “fun” and has an entire song in which he sings about all he wants is more, more more, and nothing will ever be enough to satisfy him. He is optimistic, cheerful, and assumes the best of other people, going so far as to try and make friends with a bunch of angry farmers who assume he took part in swindling them (he gives them the money back, since they seemed upset about it). He looks for ways to cheer up Bertie and make her feel better about herself, and tries to keep a sunny disposition even when bad guys are after him and his own dreams have been crushed. It does not take him long to snap out of his melancholy state and reconnect with his friends, either. But his 6 wing needs and craves support, becomes a little scared being left alone in the big city, and does not at first want to leave home, until he is convinced that he will be all right.