Bertie is a gentle and loving girl, but does not talk about her feelings at all, to anyone, instead simply ruling things out that she does not want to do or feel good about (“Nope!”). She automatically assumes other people will not understand her perspective, so she does not bother sharing it. She thinks she is meant to be alone, until she finds people she can care about who accept her for who she is and do not mock her for her enormous physique. She deeply internalized negative messages about her size and pulled away from people, until she falls into a group of misfits who are just as quirky as she is. She sings that her only home is in herself, and finds it hard to open up to others (whispering “I love it” about the shell Arlo gives her, instead of bellowing it in his face). The “judging eyes” of others caused her to withdraw, but she also seeks to go places, see things, and do things. She never stays anywhere more than a few nights, and is “always moving.” She loves to sit out by the sea and feel the sand between her toes and hear the waves caress the shore. She physically rushes in to save Arlo on several occasions, and throws a train car at the bad people chasing him, then climbs on board a train and jerks him onto it so they can escape. Bertie knows that she has found her clan once she settles into them, and decides to stay with them, to make a new home with other people rather than alone.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/so

Bertie mostly just wants to be ignored and left alone. She feels vulnerable and unwanted and has chosen to ignore people so they cannot hurt her, but it also angers her a lot to see Arlo being chased and mistreated. She will aggressively rush in to save him and show other people who is boss. She is firm in what she says and in her beliefs, does not want to hear or consider alternatives, and has no problem drawing boundaries, though she does so in a mostly calm and detached manner. She has convinced herself she needs no one and wants no one dependent on her, but also takes the position of a protector to those weaker and smaller than herself.