Function Order: Ne-Ti-Fe-Si

Lyra loves to make up stories, and starts out by telling one about a haunted witch’s gate and how her mother set a curse on it, meaning only she can pass through it without being harmed. Upon learning about Dust, she speculates without anyone telling her that it makes daemons able to change shape for children, but somehow ceases to work as an adult. Researching information in Mrs. Coulter’s desk, she finds papers with the initials Gob and determines from that that Mrs. Coulter must be in charge of the “gobblers,” or people stealing away children for experimentation. Though at first she doesn’t understand how the golden compass works, Lyra looks at the symbols, decides what they must mean in an abstract sense (a serpent means cunning), and then figures out how to use it, once she knows to ask it questions. Once she knows who her mother is, she instantly realizes who her father is, despite them not having an obvious connection. She doesn’t require much proof to believe the experiments are taking away children’s daemons, and talks her way out of trouble with the king of the bears by pretending to be her bear’s daemon and convincing him that she can be his, and would prefer that, because he is so wise and strong. Lyra often isn’t aware of the danger of her own schemes until she has talked herself into trouble, and then she doubts that she has done the right thing, especially when it puts others in peril. She can be false and convincingly charming when she needs to be (to protect herself and others), and is constantly asking questions, trying to figure out things. Lyra figures out how to work the compass by using it, and letting her Ti discern how best to make it work. She doesn’t show much in the way of inferior Si, because she lacks sentiment for anything other than her friends – she wants to move forward and explore the unknown.

Enneagram: 7w8 so/sp

Lyra wants adventures and craves going other places and meeting new people and having adventures; she gets bored cooped up inside the school or in Mrs. Coulter’s home, and is always looking for ways to entertain herself. She is analytical and thoughtful, but also sometimes afraid that she has made a mistake and put her loved ones in danger. She thinks things through and then acts on them, sometimes without being aware of the risk, such as when she confronts the bear she has met about being a drunk and a disappointment compared to her grand expectations for the snow bears. She stands up to Mrs. Coulter and defies her until the woman hurts her and her daemon to make her behave; her 8 wing doesn’t like to be obedient and is somewhat forceful in asserting itself. She tells Pan that they must “conquer our fear” and not let it stop them from doing things.

Pan: INFJ 6w7 sp/so

Pan is more insightful than Lyra and suspicious of Mrs. Coulter and her motives, he tells her to be cautious and thinks they should stick together. He tries to piece together the clues she finds and often leaps to a conclusion before she does, when he has discovered a connection. But he is not good in his environment, often changing shapes to adapt to it, and hiding out in her pocket or sleeve as a mouse. He is fearful, trusts his instincts, and doesn’t like to take risks. He often pleads with her not to go into places where “something is wrong about this,” but will loyally accompany her when she does it anyway. Pan is protective of her, but also glad to hide when he’s scared.