Phoenix is a wild and creative personality, an actor who loves to take on personas and indirectly pursue his goals, by planning a little bit in advance so that he can get away without being detained (he uses a reversible cape to change from a nun fleeing a crime scene into a bishop exiting the church and blessing people on his way past). He has barely heard Paddington’s story about the popup book before he instantly connects it to a story his grandfather told him about missing treasure and sees it as a way to solve all of his financial problems. He runs off to fetch it and follow the clues in its pages on a hunch that he is not on a wild goose chase, and it proves to be accurate when he actually does manage to find the treasure, after unraveling the cipher in the book. He often speaks to his characters as if they are real, taking on their voices and personas to amuse himself, and is opportunistic in turning situations to his advantage, even becoming famous in prison and making jokes about all he needed was a “captivate audience.” He sometimes uses peculiar metaphors, such as they can pluck his entrails from his body and wind them around his neck if he deceives them. He can be unscrupulous, stealing in order to get what he wants, knowing Paddington is innocent and doing nothing to prevent him from going to prison, sensing his neighbors are suspicious of him and attempting to thwart their investigation attempts, and sabotaging the wee bear from making any headway in recovering the book. Phoenix can turn on the charm and make people like him, winning them over through humor and emotional appeals. He loves praise and attention and cannot stand being ignored. He shows some low Si traits, such as assuming the only way Paddington can get anywhere in life is to “start at the bottom and work your way up.” He cleverly figures out the clues are musical notes rather than letters, and knows where to use them to unveil the treasure, but forgets the sequence four seconds later and cannot get it to open again once it’s snapped shut.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Phoenix is a shameless exhibitionist who loves to draw attention to himself, who hates bad reviews and that he’s forced to be in dog food commercials, and casually drops references to his accomplishments into everyday conversation (instead of talking about poor Paddington in jail, he wants to talk about the play he is going to be in; in his court testimony, he says he walked into his “awards room” – where he keeps his many awards – and saw someone out the window). He pretends to be modest, but really lives for accolades and considers himself a living legend (ha, ha). He knows how to play to the audience to get them on his side and to support his actions, invites people up out of the crowd to endear himself to them, and pretends to help people out of altruism, when it is really for his own advancement or financial benefit.