Paddington is a good-natured, warm-hearted bear who makes friends wherever he goes, because he is so pleasant to be around, so agreeable, and so considerate of everyone and everything. He tends to make his decisions based on how other people are going to feel as a the result of them, and does not want to let those people down (especially his Aunt Lucy, to whom he thinks he “owes so much” from her having saved him from the river, raised him, and sacrificed her own dreams about traveling the world to stay home with him). Paddington makes much of his life about other people and looking after them; he acts like a papa bear to everyone on the street, helping them remember their keys, to eat their breakfast, and quizzing the trash man on his test questions. He often references her when making decisions or talking to people, bringing up things she used to say and wisdoms she passed on to him, and how it reminds him of her. Paddington is somewhat settled in his favorite things, including his talent for marmalade and love of sandwiches, and not very good at adapting to a new environment. He will give it his best shot, but soon bungles things (managing to get himself hired and fired from a barber shop all in the course of a single afternoon). His quest to earn enough money to buy his aunt a popup book of London causes him to embark on various endeavors, including window washing, but he winds up in prison after a case of mistaken theft identity and… manages to make a bunch of friends there, including a notorious crank named Knuckles. He teaches him how to make marmalade sandwiches and wins him and the rest of the prisoners over to his side. Paddington is quite excited about new ideas, and things will often spark ideas in him, but he does not see beneath the surface of or speculate on things all that often. He takes most things extremely literally. He is creative, always up for a good time, and solves problems in interesting ways. He looks for ways to interpret things in a pleasant manner (after he turns all the prison uniforms pink by accident, he says it really brightens up the place). Paddington does not question things, for the most part, but thinks up creative ways to solve his problems (even though it doesn’t always work out), and hates to think ill of anyone.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Paddington looks for the best in everyone and tries to make every situation have a rainbow-colored lining even if it’s in a storm cloud. In his letter to his aunt from prison, he says he was forced to leave the house, but this new place is quite lovely and the security is second to none (plus, it’s one of the oldest Victorian buildings in London!). He can be quite naïve and trusting, such as when he tells Phoenix all about a rare book he intends to buy, without ever imagining the man might have ulterior motives for wanting to know where he found it. Paddington does not like people to be upset with him, and looks for ways to make friends and turn them around to liking him—often by giving compliments and being sweet. He cleans a neighbor’s windows “anyway” even though he won’t get paid, and then offers to do his rain gutters as well, enabling him to meet and fall in love with a nice girl. At one point, when Knuckles insults his aunt, Paddington gives him such a look of stern consternation that it causes the man to blanch, but then we find out he was only employing it for effect—and he immediately happily goes right back to being friends with no hard feelings. Paddington is quite set on being appropriate, moral, and polite, and does not like to do anything “bad” (such as breaking out of prison, unless it is to clear his name). He tries to be proper and not do anything that would disappoint his beloved Aunt Lucy.