Function Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Uncas is a man of few words, but he falls in love with Alice almost the moment that he sees her, and builds a silent bond of affection with her that she shares in a mutually quiet but loving way (as an IFP herself, though her middle functions are not well-defined). He is affected by the loss of their friends at the farm, more evidently so than his brother or father, enough that they put their hand on his shoulder to comfort him, and has a warm kinship with the children who are later killed. Uncas makes the emotional decision to rush off and save Alice, even if he is outnumbered and it might get him killed (and tragically, he does die for love), not intending for his father to come along with him. He realizes it might be a suicide mission and does it anyway. He is morally outraged at the fort when the general decides not to release the militia to protect their homes and families, arguing that they have loved ones out there, and choosing to support Hawkeye in a minor act of rebelliousness. He is a skilled hunter and tracker, who knows they must release the horses rather than ride them to the fort because “they would be heard for miles” and draw their enemies to them. Uncas is a skilled fighter, whose sensory skills keep him alive in mad skirmishes. He is able to dodge bullets, bury the hatchet into his enemies, and successfully fight in many battles, until he goes up against Magua. Even though he knows he might die, he still rushes into action—and pays the ultimate price. His death so devastates Alice that without a word, she leaps off the cliff to follow him, choosing to be with him in death rather than live without him as Magua’s “wife.”

Enneagram: 9w8 sx/so

Uncas is a gentle and compassionate soul who does not like to cause trouble, does not say much, and will not provoke people intentionally. He easily allows Alice to feel safe with him when he saves her from falling through the waterfall, but can be provoked to intense anger—he lashes out when he sees an injustice and wants to do something about it. He encourages other men to defy the law when necessary, and take action on behalf of their families. He tries to kill the man who intends to take away the woman he loves, and does his best to succeed. One could say that his temper got the better of him, since he could have waited and tracked them and watched for a better opportunity—but seeing her being taken away and not knowing what would happen to her on the trail caused him to take immediate, decisive action.

This character was typed for a reader, per their paid request.