Grace doesn’t know it yet, but her happily ever after marriage to Alex is about to take a severe right turn into Satan-worshipping crazy town… on her wedding night, no less. Though intimidated by her in-laws, she wants them to like her, because “I love Alex” and Alex loves her, so she also wants the acceptance and approval of his admittedly creepytown relatives. Once all hell breaks loose, she still tries to help people, horrified by their downfall and/or death – like the girl in the dumbwaiter, she tries to prevent from being crushed, even though the girl just “outed” her a moment ago. When Daniel threatens to expose her, she tries to reason with him to help her, by pointing out how his relationship with Alex might suffer, as a result of her death and his role in it. She at first thinks this is all a game, and then learns to “survive” and use her environment to her greatest advantage, once the game of Hide and Seek becomes lethal. She sneaks around the house, climbs in and out of windows and onto rooftops (and drops to the ground), makes for the woods, smashes a hot teapot over someone’s head, and even beats someone to death with a box after she’s yanked the tablecloth off so it will fall to the floor, within reach, as she’s being strangled. She climbs out of a pit full of rank dead bodies, even enduring impaling herself on a nail in the process, breaks through the main gate, throttles someone, steals a car, and manages to outlive them all. She is dead wrong about Alex, and misunderstands him—also banking on the “morals” of the entire family (which are nonexistent) to save her, which means she gets hurt a few times because she didn’t mistrust them enough, owing to her low intuition. Toward the end of the film, Grace adopts an all-or-none inferior Te defense, as she decides she is going to survive at any cost. She becomes ruthless in defending herself, and even cusses people out violently and angrily, calling them all manner of foul names for not helping her when she needs it. She abruptly decides that this entire family can go to hell (literally) for all she cares, and laughs hysterically and with some degree of pleasure to see them all explode into a bloodbath of carnage. Because bitch, they deserved it.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/so

Grace wants other people to love and support her, because she knows it’s important to maintain family relationships—and she has always wanted a family and to find acceptance. She went along with Alex’s reluctance to marry until she finally convinced him otherwise, then does her level best to make other people like her after the wedding. At first, she thinks this stupid game is… just that, a stupid game. Then people start dying and she takes it seriously, falling into lower 6 in her anxiety and distrust of everyone, but also in her over-trust of people. Her 9 wins out, however, in that she still believes the best of the family members until they prove her dead wrong, even assuming that a child hasn’t been indoctrinated and brainwashed and might help her rather than hurt her, and being shocked and furious when he shoots her in the hand. Grace’s 8 wing comes out more and more, as she kicks into defensive mode—she has a ferocious temper once it’s unleashed, and not only almost strangles a man to death, but unloads an avalanche of bad language on the man on the phone who thwarts her escape (and the idiot who swerved around her on the main road), and beats a woman to a bloody pulp after she’s had enough. Inevitably, she decides she’s had enough and no longer cares. And when it’s all over, as the house burns down behind her, she calmly sits on the front steps, lights a cigarette, and waits for the police to show up.