Function Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

Linus sums up the entirety of his focus in the little speech he gives his brother about it being more than just about making money for him – his work brings industry to places, gives people jobs, puts shoes on their kids’ feet, opens up movie houses for them to go to, etc. It does good in the community, because it creates a place for people, their families, and their pocket books, to grow and thrive. He spends all of his time at the office, arranging mergers and dealing with clients, flying across the world to make deals, and has not much of a personal life. Even at a party, he is showing potential clients the new glass he has discovered that is bullet proof, shatter proof, and strong, too! He plans to give Sabrina good reasons to leave his brother alone, and assumes that he can buy her off—and do so fairly by giving her father and her a nice little nest egg and a free trip to the city he loves. He doesn’t think that he might be making her father uncomfortable in arranging to spend time with Sabrina, but gladly arranges something on his own, rather than make the man dislike his job. He refuses to fire him on the grounds that he has been with the man thirty years. Linus is aware of his brother’s play-hard tendencies and somewhat resentful of his lack of concern for the business end of things; he points out that a man should turn up to work, do his job, and not fritter away his time on worthless pursuits. He talks about how David has cost them a lot of money with his three silly marriages (all of which David chose on a whim and none of which lasted, because of his philandering). Linus performs all the expected behaviors toward Sabrina in his fake courtship, including taking her to the theater and out dancing, eating dinner with her, and sailing on his boat. Though a good and moral man, with great ambitions toward doing good in his community, Linus devalues his own feelings to such an extent, he fails to realize how much he cares about Sabrina until he finds out his brother has not joined her on the boat after all—and she will sail to Paris alone. It takes him punching David in the face to realize how much he cares about her, and then he rushes off to be with her.

Enneagram: 3w2 sp/so

Linus is an ambitious workaholic who spends more time at the office than at home and has no personal life or relationships. He focuses on what he can achieve and on being responsible, but also is willing to cut deals and overreach himself in his ambitions – he arranges for a marital merger for David in which he signs away his brother as a prospective groom (he says David would have proposed eventually, he just sped up the process), and intends to manipulate and confuse Sabrina into leaving David alone long enough to ship her off to Paris. He’s unaware of his own feelings toward her, and inclined to dismiss them… but his 2 wing likes to see himself as doing good in the community, wants to be compassionate, and looks after her when she needs him to. Linus eventually follows his heart into a romantic relationship, falling for her despite his “better” common sense.