Sabrina is a romantic at heart, who decides what she does based on her own moral evaluation about things—when her father reminds her David is engaged, she says he isn’t married yet, and sets her cap at him anyway. Her increasing feelings for Linus, his brother, compared to the infatuation she feels for David start to confuse her and complicate her emotions, causing her to attempt to run away at first—and then to come back to Linus to discern how she truly feels about him. She winds up cooking a meal for him in his office, because she has deliberately worn clothes that will mean they cannot attend the theater. As a teenager, Sabrina becomes so despondent seeing David with other women, and at the idea she may never have him, that she tried to kill herself in the garage by turning on all the cars and shutting all the windows. In this way, she is impulsive and cannot see beyond how she feels in the moment. Her father sends her to Paris to try and “get over him,” and she returns still infatuated with him—but also learned to “live” there, to not “stand on the sidelines,” but to go after what she wants. Once David takes an interest in her, Sabrina eagerly responds to him—enjoying dancing with him at the ball and being the center of attention, going to the tennis court in the hope of being kissed, etc. But she often gets caught up in the moment—it’s hard for her not to have feelings for Linus, when he is doing things with her—taking her to the theater, going sailing, and sitting at a restaurant with her. The more she is around him, the more she becomes romantically inclined in his direction. She focuses on what he should do and see in Paris, how he should walk and act and dress. Sabrina admits to her father later on that she dismissed how people “belong in the front seat or the back” and there are stations between people, which she devalued to her own determent (she assumes she is not good enough for Linus). She can be somewhat blunt in her remarks, saying that she never imagined Linus could be in love with anyone or want to go through life in any way other than “alone.”

Enneagram: 2w3 sx/so

All Sabrina wants in life is to fall in love, and she follows her feelings wherever they lead her… into an infatuation with a young man who does not know she exists (and who has flighty attentions, but who makes her feel important and desired) and then to Linus, who manages to win her over by paying attention to her over a matter of days. She feels torn between them at first, aware of her shifting feelings and full of discomfort about them, but eventually chooses to love and be loved. Linus correctly assesses that all she wants is a romance, but her wide-eyed enthusiasm soon wins him over into caring about her back. Sabrina enjoys being dressed up and standing out in a crowd, seeing the newfound attention others pays her as exciting, but also has a pragmatic side. She’s glad to see Linus at the end of the story, but also was willing to go to Paris alone and let go of everything she left behind. And she wasn’t much concerned that she was stealing another girl’s man away behind her back, since all is fair in love and war, and may the best girl win!