Gaby is full of rational questions about everything and makes logical decisions even when it puts her companions at risk. She knows Illya has blown her cover with her uncle, so she agrees that it’s time to betray him and expose him, in an attempt to find out what happened to her father and get close to him, and hopefully to the bomb they were sent to diffuse. She prefers not to let others’ comments get a rise out of her, and remains calm and unruffled even in intense situations. She works as a mechanic and is highly skilled at figuring out how to hack into machines and help them work, even assisting her father in adapting the bomb in order to “fix” it. Gaby is a risk-taker who skillfully drives a car under perilous conditions (and points out that they are going to get stuck in a narrow alley, which Solo refuses to believe; she’s right), who is good in a fight, who can adapt quickly when bad things happen, and whose “down time” involves getting drunk, challenging Illya to a sexual-tension-filled fight in their shared motel room, and who dances around in an attempt to get him involved. She wants him to “lighten up” and smacks him around until he does. They are forever coming “this close” to kissing, but she’s fine with the moment passing if it’s meant to be. She asserts herself as her “own woman,” but also feels a sense of responsibility to the greater good which compels her to join up with the two agents in seeking to do good in the world. But she is not sentimental, has no real emotional attachment to her father, and no interest in rekindling anything with him. She’s just here to do a job and intends to do it and find a new profession, since she can’t exactly “go home.”

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/so

Gaby doesn’t want to be bored, so she looks for and finds ways to entertain herself in her hotel room. She drinks, she dresses up, she dances, she smacks around Illya (all in good fun), she winds up almost making out with him on the floor but… then she passes out. She’s clever and witty, making snide remarks and rubbing in the times she’s right and the boys are wrong, but also assertive and doesn’t like to be pushed around. She confidently walks into bad situations and makes the most of it, alternating between charm and adaptation as she survives. She’s full of questions and likes to think about things, but can also act quickly under pressure (and because she cares abut Illya, she gives him enough warning when she betrays him that he can escape and return to free Solo and later, rescue her).