Illya is a top secret agent because he’s loyal to his country, able to memorize an incredible amount of details (as he shows Gaby when he spews a bunch of facts about architecture to impress her and prove he’s done his homework on his research), and… rather attached to how things “should” be done. He objects to how Solo wants to dress Gaby and insists that a real Russian would not dress her in that way. He often talks about what a “real” Russian would do, referencing back to his own experiences and time spent in his home country and their particular way of doing things. Since he was assigned to stop them, that is what he intends to do. He doesn’t let a blown out tire, a car accident, or not being able to find them stop him or slow him down, even following them onto a temporary zip line by being creative (and then, sadly, winding up stuck on his own side of the Berlin wall). He is sentimental about his home country and particularly his father’s watch; he allows it to get stolen as a part of his cover, but also socks the man in the jaw who took it. When Solo asks him where he learned a neat trick like making a man unconscious (but still standing up), Illya talks proudly about his training in his country and how he’s one of the few people who can do that. He’s practical and asks Solo if he deactivated the alarm on the safe once they get the door open (he didn’t, and it goes off). Illya pays attention to his environment, but is not always smart in how he uses it. He is firm in his convictions, factual in his statements, focused on getting the job done without any fuss, and somewhat stumped by problems that seem too difficult to solve. But… he also has a bad temper, gets his feelings ruffled, and reacts by lashing out at people and putting them in the hospital, in the process almost breaking his cover. He doesn’t speculate about anything, or focus on anyone’s motives, and doesn’t like to believe Gaby is a traitor. He also does not see that she did this to protect him and allow him to escape, until Waverley explains it to him.

Enneagram: cp6w5 so/sp

Illya is something of a “company man,” so loyal to Russia he’s even willing (reluctantly) to try and kill Solo to steal a prototype from him, after they have become… well, not friends exactly, but not enemies either. He is obedient and dutiful, rushing after what scares him and forming alliances, but also not trusting other people much and being suspicious of their motives. He checks his room for bugs and finds a bunch of them. He both feels attracted to Gaby and doesn’t do much about it, because it would be inappropriate in a work context. Illya has a stern demeanor but also tends to lose his temper and react aggressively; rather than keep his cool and remember his cover, he lets other people goad him into punching them in the face. His file calls him emotionally unstable, and it’s the truth. He doesn’t want to rely on anyone but himself, but also has other people’s backs (and needs protected himself, from time to time).