Solo is the ultimate opportunist, whether that involves having sex with women he barely knows because they just happen to be available, or calmly dealing with things going wrong in an intense situation. He can figure out how to make almost anything work for him, from crashing a truck off the pier to sink a boat and rescue his “frienemy” to knocking people out in the heat of a bad situation. He joined up and served in the military with distinction, then became a master criminal, and now he works as a secret agent for the CIA, because he saw a golden opportunity to stay out of jail. Solo helps Gaby escape Illya and doesn’t see a problem with his plan, which involves winging everything and then getting stuck between two buildings! No problem. He tries to shoot his way out of a bad situation and blows out the tires on a vehicle, causing it to crash. He’s always preparing to take action, but seems to prefer not to. Solo uses his pickpocket skills to impress people with and get him out of trouble. He looks for ways to leverage situations and while he debates the morality of allowing a bad guy to escape (not realizing he’s being electrocuted behind him), he ultimately doesn’t care when he finds him dead (damn, he left his coat in that room, too!). Solo cares a lot about appearances and gets on Illya’s nerves by saying certain clothes don’t “go together.” He can be rather defensive of his image and shamed if Illya has cooler toys than he does (which he does). To get Victoria to reveal herself and threaten his family (thereby keeping her on the line), he taunts her about having killed her husband and how he begged, pleaded, and tried to trade everyone he loves for his life. He shows flits of intuition, such as when he realizes Gaby is working for Waverly, but only after he’s seen all the evidence that leads up to it, and he knows there’s no other conclusion.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sx

Solo is suave and debonair and never seems ruffled by anything, which makes him a competent thief. He easily mastered a half dozen languages (Ti) and uses them to charm women and get ahead in life, but is also highly aware of how he is coming across, calmly in control of maintaining his charming persona at all times, and hard-working. Whatever he does, he has to be the best at it, and he tries to show up Illya whenever possible, sometimes to his own determent. He doesn’t let anything ruffle him, but is also there to “do a good deed” and to “help out.” Solo uses getting back Illya’s watch to bond with him, and warns him about being followed out of his own good nature (and the greater good of their cause, of course).