Ian joined up with Nerve when it first hit the net, and quickly escalated into more and more risky stunts. He continues to take aggressively dangerous dares to establish his ranking, in the hope of winning the game and getting out of the trouble he landed himself in when he “snitched.” He’s willing to do anything on a dare and needs no preparation to do it, even if it involves hanging from a crane a hundred stories in the air, driving a motorcycle at 60mph while blindfolded (he talks Vee into it), or singing a random song in a diner. When Vee shows hesitation at a stunt, he asks her if she always does what her mother wants to goad her into going along with it, because he has an agenda – he wants to win the game and take back his life, to get himself, his sister, and their family out of trouble, because Nerve has stolen all their information and taken them hostage with it. He is likable and considerate, picking a tattoo he knows Vee will like (a lighthouse, since he knows she adores that book and what it means), and being willing to sacrifice winning the game to get her out of trouble. He has only known her a few hours, but knows to throw her under the bus would be morally wrong and something he cannot do. Ian has not thought creatively around his problem or come up with any way to take down Nerve other than to keep playing the game. He could not foresee the potential consequences of his actions, although he has tried to take personal responsibility for them. He doesn’t seem to think much past the present moment.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Ian must have been an adventurer to sign up for something so potentially dangerous but that has a huge financial payoff. He thought it was all fun and games until someone died in the process, and then tried to get Nerve’s creators arrested, for which he has paid a price. He keeps an optimistic attitude, confident that he can and will do anything, and for the most part, he’s able to be charming, keep himself from dying, and exhibit a sense of humor even in dangerous situations. He doesn’t run away from them, but runs toward them (though he will flip off the camera for effect when he gets angry about a stupidly terrifying stunt). Ian also cares about being liked, being responsible, and helping out his family. He’s more concerned for Vee’s personal safety than his own, and willing to spend another year a “prisoner” to Nerve to help her get out of the mess they’ve gotten themselves into.