Vee concerns herself with the morality of whatever situation she is in; she will accept a dare to kiss someone (harmless) but not steal a four thousand dollar dress from a store (not harmless). She would rather strip down to her undergarments and race out into the street than steal. She takes her mother’s feelings into consideration in her decisions, and almost ops out of the school she wants to attend to keep her happy (she needs Vee to stick around, and Vee feels obligated since her brother has died and her mother has no one else). She also feels stifled by playing second fiddle to her best friend, and can bluntly assess her when she’s not in the room (she is an attention-seeking loser with no self-respect). Vee wants to attend a really expensive art school, even though she knows it is “impractical,” because she feels drawn to it. Toward the end of the film, Vee decides to shut the game down and guilt-trip everyone involved, by pointing out that each one of them is responsible for what happens. She “makes them” into an accessory to murder and forces them to confront their own conscience. Vee gets so annoyed at people ragging on her for “staying in my comfort zone,” she signs up to be a participant in a dangerous online game that invites her to complete dares in return for cash. Each one requires her to be sensory-aware (kissing someone at random, getting on a bike with a total stranger, trying on a dress in a department store, finishing her best friend’s dare by walking across a ladder strung up between two NYC apartment windows, etc). Rather than pull back, she leans into these experiences, even enjoying them and getting lost in the moment (she kisses Ian for real, gets a tattoo without seeing what it is, and helps him navigate blindfolded through traffic to get to 60mph on his stolen bike). She impulsively tries to inform the police of what is going on, and when that fails, comes up with a last minute plan to take them all out of the game and get it shut down, in combination with her friends’ participation—and succeeds. She also can become quite mean and blunt under stress, telling her friend exactly the kind of “loser” life she is going to have someday and that she’s pathetic, because she is tired of being in her shadow all the time.

Enneagram: 6w7 so/sp

“This looks sketchy… are you sure about this?” is her first thought when she looks into “Nerve” the online game. She admits that she is not a risk taker, she is responsible, focused, driven, and always does the right and safe thing. She has somewhat lived life on the sidelines, preferring to focus on her photography and art, rather than take risks—but when she does, she takes them in a big way. It becomes important for her to win and get likes, but she’s also often second-guessing the dares, trying to think her way around them, and will say no only to change her mind and start to have fun while being reckless. She leans into her 7 wing and looks for excitement, but then wants to take the people down who are ruining people’s lives and endangering them. Her breaking up with her best friend, as part of someone else’s dare, sets her off and makes her angry enough to want to take out the game. She tends to trust Ian more than maybe she should, but her instincts about him are right – he’s okay, and a decent person. By the end of the story, she has opened up and become more adventurous, but still likes to take life in the slower lane.