Serone joins the expedition under false pretenses, which is he’s tracking a giant anaconda and intends to trap it alive for the money it will bring in to him. He makes rational decisions throughout their trip up river, even though they’re dangerous and full of risk—and he devalues the humans on board in the process. He saves one from the water (“there’s something down there”) but also remains unphased when their explosion of a barrier causes thousands of snakes to rain down upon them all. He calmly throws them into the river, and remarks that they should go back to their mothers. His reasoning is good (if they are going to catch a big snake, they need bait), but the others object to his methods (he shoots monkeys out of trees to use for said bait, and doesn’t mind putting human beings at risk; he causes the leader of their expedition, who suspects him of being up to something, to inhale a lethal bug, which renders him comatose, then uses his need to get to a hospital immediately to rationalize going the route he wanted to go along all the time). Serone takes advantage of every opportunity that arises, from using two people as bait for an anaconda to his various attempts to trap the snack, outsmart his companions, etc. He has one goal in mind throughout, even if it’s a bit unreasonable (how exactly are they going to transport something that huge on such a small boat, and keep it contained for thousands of miles?). His inferior Fe shows in how bad he is with people. Even though it would be advantageous to come across as less threatening and suspicious, Serone gives the others the creeps. He makes offhanded, inappropriate remarks that cause them to suspect him of nefarious deeds long before he exposes his true intentions, he is callous in disregarding loss (he calmly says one man got eaten by a python, as if it doesn’t matter), and he never bothers to try and sweet-talk anyone.

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/sx

Serone is all about intensity and control, being fully present, and taking advantage of the world around him, and he does so in a callous and aggressive manner. He intimidates everyone else, but also calmly handles deadly situations—focusing on what he can do to alter them and swing them in his direction rather than waste time getting emotional about them. Where the others freak out at having snakes dumped all over their ship, he doesn’t mind them at all and calmly tosses them back into the water. He uses it to find out which of them has the stomach to do what is necessary. He doesn’t mind blowing up a barrier intended to keep people out to get ahead, nor causing anyone who tries to stop him harm (he kills several people, both intentionally and through his lack of regard for their welfare, as a psychopath). His 9 wing remains calm in his strong sense of authority, and doesn’t see the point of debates that go nowhere.