Terry has come to the Amazon to shoot footage of a lost civilization, and has only that in mind. Though she isn’t terribly pleased to take a stranger on board their boat after an accident, she welcomes him and makes him feel at home. As events unfold and she discovers he is more than he pretends to be, she continues to tolerate his presence and assumes he intends to do something good. She shoots down her friends’ various foolish ideas about capturing a giant snake (it isn’t practical), and also worries about the immediate impact of their actions (how blowing apart a blockage on the waterway could destroy the ecological balance of the jungle), but is both aware of and unaware of how to interact within her environment. She focuses on practical things, such as finding fuel, but does not adapt well. Terry often tries to run away when bad things happen, and struggles to defeat her adversary with a gun (he is forever knocking it out of her hands and kicking her around). She successfully manages to elude an anaconda on several occasions, shooting one in the face that tries to kill one of her friends and helping to kill another by burning down its lair. Terry makes decisions based on her feelings and on what is right / moral for the situation. Even though it would be much safer to throw the bad guy in the river after he’s captured and knocked unconscious, she refuses to do so on moral grounds (haven’t we had enough of that?). She insists on staying in a dangerous place “in case” someone is still alive (he isn’t). She tries to seduce the villain as a distraction, flattering him and being appealing, even letting him kiss her. She often employs “we” language when making decisions and showing leadership; “we are going home,” “we need you to protect us,” “we must stay here,” etc, as if she includes everyone’s well-being in her thought process. Terry is good at creative problem-solving and analyzing what is going on, but too quickly abandons hypothetical possibilities. (She assumes because they killed one anaconda there cannot be another one and it doesn’t cross her mind that one might have destroyed a mill, she is just here to get fuel.) She has a sense that the bad guy isn’t entirely trustworthy, but makes no assumptions about it and doesn’t ever think about how he could be dangerous until it’s too late and he has taken them all hostage.

Enneagram: 9w8 so/sp

Terry is mild-mannered and unruffled throughout much of the journey, refusing to rise to intimidation tactics and also calmly asserting herself, but not going out of her way to seek trouble. She falls into 6 disintegration under stress, becoming more fearful and reactive, but still makes decisions from a place of instinct. Once the “risk” is over, she becomes mild-mannered and assumes the best again (not that they’re walking into a den of snakes). She is somewhat passive at taking control, but once angered, searches for ways to get the upper hand and does not mind putting herself at risk to do so. She’s somewhat incurious and doesn’t need to know “what happened” at the mill, focusing instead on just reaching her goal and getting out alive.