Gin is an extremely clever thief and opportunist, who has the brazen nerve to work at an insurance agency and rip off their own clients, framing Mac in the process so she can con him into a meeting with her. She assumes she can get away with everything and, for the most part, she does. Gin does all of her own thieving, including breaking into things in the middle of the night, rearranging the “crime scene” to frame Mac, and even assumes she can seduce him to get what she wants (intentionally asking him where his room is, and saying no, she has never failed to seduce anyone when he asks her about it). She boldly stands up to him despite his tests, even when he threatens to toss her off the roof (“go ahead then”) and easily improvises if and when things go wrong. She improvises well—when Mac tests her by sending her in to “buy a vase” and she sees it is a fake, she smashes it over the guy’s head and still makes it out with the microfilm. She has gotten a job that allows her the inside track on who owns what and how she might be able to steal it, by designing their security systems herself and knowing them from the inside out. But she needs Mac to help her pull off a billion plus dollar heist at the dawn of the Millennium, so she risks her life to earn his trust, helps him pull off a theft that will set them up for their second job, and manages to convince him to go along with her scheme. She fails at following his guidance in practicing with the laser beams, but once she sees the computer schematic, she says it’s “all in my head now… I could do this blindfolded,” and does exactly that. Gin uses charm to get what she wants and keeps men strung along at work with the promise of something more, but can become childish and petty under stress—attacking people, sobbing on their shoulders, and demanding to know why they betrayed her. Gin has spent years planning her next job, and expects it to go off without a hitch, and is angry and upset whenever anything threatens to thwart it—causing her to lash out emotionally and show her feelings, especially when Mac in any way demeans her. She also fails to think about the fact that he might be following her, setting her up with blackmail (until he does it), or intending to double-cross her, which means she is often disappointed in her grand schemes and grandiose about her expectations (she assumes he won’t need three weeks to plan an overnight job).

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sx

Gin is a smooth-talking survivalist who is used to using charm to get what she wants. She is ambitious, secure in herself, and arrogant, showing off to impress Mac (climbing into the rafters of his house, boasting about how easy it was to steal a painting, and deflating when she sees how he has thwarted her plans), and able to talk her way out of anything, even when Mac dunks her repeatedly underwater to force her to confess to whatever scheme she has up her sleeve. She is able to keep her cool in most situations and assumes she will succeed at whatever she sets her hand to, even when it involves a risk. She is as much about getting money as she is living with the glory of having pulled off an enormous stunt like she has planned. Her 2 wing is seductive and thinks that if she can “do things” for Mac (even sexually) she can get him to “do things” for her (like help her steal a boatload of cash). She doesn’t like being thwarted when Mac sets up “house rules” to keep her out of his bedroom at night, but also falls in love with him and makes an emotional decision at the end to ask him to help her pull off more jobs.