Mac has been a world-class thief for a long time, and how he does it is to plan it out, paying attention to every possible variation and outcome and to account for it, before he ever even starts his work. He has an instinct about Gin that leads him to expose her true identity, and “rob the ground floor” (stealing the painting she just stole), long before she ever tells him the truth, and then wonders if she is playing both sides. When she tries to interest him in a second job, Mac says he needs weeks to prepare for it—not two days! But since it’s now or never, he impulsively agrees to help her and comes up with plans and contingency plans overnight. He wants to rehearse one job with her, expecting her to learn where the lasers are, and is baffled and pleased when she manages to learn off the schematic and then do it blindfolded (after days of getting it wrong based on his directions alone). Mac is very much a planner rather than an improviser criticizes her frequently for her mistakes, for forgetting portions of the plan, and for not following his instructions exactly. He also feels no need to boast about his exploits to win her approval, lays down ground rules (she sleeps in her own room, not in his, and she will not try to seduce him), and admits that he steals art only for the purpose of admiring it himself. In a pinch, he can improvise, but usually has thought about it beforehand. He’s willing to risk arrest and possibly throw away his liberty just to make sure she escapes at the train station unscathed.

Enneagram: 5w6 sp/sx

Mac has always worked alone and been alone, preferring it to having a partner, and lived a quiet live deep in the Scottish countryside where no one can bother him, and where he enjoys his quiet life surrounded by the art he has collected (stolen) over the years. He does nothing impulsively, but instead has thought about it, planned for it, and takes pains not to get caught or jeopardize himself, even when he challenges Gin about having betrayed him, and being a double agent. He has trust issues with her and can be inconsistent—reliable and self-confident, but also doubtful of her intentions. Mac tests her to see how reliable she is and whether he wants to risk his liberty for her, but then becomes loyal to her, even when it would be more advantageous for him to walk away and leave her holding the bag.