Raya is a highly active and industrious young woman, who doesn’t hesitate to act in the moment and use her environment to her advantage. She combines that with creative problem-solving, such as when she uses her little rolly-polly sidekick to set off booby traps so that she can easily crawl underneath them and reach the inner cavern where her father is waiting to challenge her fighting skills. She is a competent thief who intends to get around problems based on her wits until she meets up with Sisu, and then the dragon’s “naïve” idealism gets on her nerves, because that’s not the real world. She makes a fundamental mistake in her teenage years in being too trusting, open, and easily accepting of another girl and showing her into the cavern, so she can see the dragon rock that keeps them all safe, and intends never to get “taken” that way again. She insists on doing most things herself, is quick to leap into action, and has spent six years searching for the dragon of mythical lore, in the hope that Sisu can help repair all the damage caused after the stone shattered into pieces. She logically problem-solves, both in making friends and keeping herself alive, even bribing the “evil baby” and its minions to distract the guards so she can sneak upstairs into a throne room with the intent of stealing one of the broken pieces. Raya has excellent tert-Fe use, in that she is warm, accommodating, and easily makes other people like her. She initially makes another girl, who seems awkward, feel comfortable and excitedly tells her about all kinds of things. She comforts others when they need it, and is gentle with Sisu even when she sees her idealistic ideas as foolish or gullible. She’s compassionate enough to want to rescue a baby apparently abandoned on the street, and then forms a group with them, kind of a surrogate family. Her Ni is so-so, in that she has an idea that she is working toward, a vision of what she wants (to release her father and save the world) but keeps how she intends to do this open-ended. But she frequently judges things based on a surface level rather than digging deeper, so she gets “taken for a fool” on several separate occasions. She figures out toward the end, however, that it’s “not about magic,” which fuels the stone’s power, “it’s about trust,” enabling her to put it back together and heal the world.

Enneagram: 6w7 so/sp

Raya has “trust issues.” She trusted someone once, got betrayed, and never intends to trust anyone again. She is forever reminding Sisu that she has to be careful, that “we cannot trust anyone,” that there are negative consequences to every decision. At first, she doesn’t want to eat any food she hasn’t cooked herself, because it could be poisoned. And the boy poisoning us could intend to do so to steal our stuff. She warns Sisu about pickpockets and con artists, and to stay on the boat where it’s safe. Raya doesn’t want her to appear in dragon form anywhere anyone can see her, since it might draw unwanted attention to them. She is also funny and engaging and likable, easily able to convince others to come along with her, while still focusing on being sensible. Raya has an adventurous side, a good sense of humor, and is willing to go out into the world and make things happen. She also lightens up and learns to trust others along the way.