Sisu is an unbridled idealist with the beautifully naïve and sweet belief that if you just approach people nicely and talk to them, and maybe give them a gift, that they will be harmonious and pleasant and give you whatever you want! She thinks she can convince their “enemy” to become part of their group and help them save the world… and she’s right. She looked into her eyes and saw, intuitively, that she was not an adversary but a potential friend. Sisu saw what she could be, and the potential she has, rather than her behaviors. Sisu is somewhat naïve and too trusting, assumes everyone has good intentions, and runs with ideas before finding out the detail (such as making off with stuff out of booths and claiming “I’ll be putting this on credit,” without finding out about what “credit” means). She is absolutely delighted with life and everything about it, especially her ability to shapeshift into a human! She excitedly talks about how they are going to fix the world, and get their families back! Sisu comes up with far-fetched plans about how to do things, and is delighted when Raya goes along with them, but also prefers to wing it. She has a few things that are important to her, which she considers herself an expert at (swimming!), and often gives little remarks about her family – how her brother / sister / etc had this gift, and she must have inherited it from the stone they gave her with their combined powers in it.

Enneagram: 2w3 so/sx

Sisu thinks if you bring the right present (or lots of them), then people will love you forever and do whatever you want! She is happy to help Raya track down the pieces of the stone and excited to think that she could “heal the world” with it and bring back everyone who has been turned to stone by the shadow creatures. She is gregarious, outgoing, generous, and tends to collect people around her, both who need her and in whom she sees potential. She doesn’t want Raya to go at anything alone and insists on helping her whenever possible, even going so far as to convince her to let her enemy take the dragon prisoner (out of a belief that this will turn out all right). She is quite proud of her skills and happy to show them off, confident that everyone is going to love her, and a little bit boastful of the nifty things she can do.