Porthos’ introduction to the audience is him storming in on Aramis praying and insisting he stop thinking about holy things and “come revel with me” (carousing, dancing, and overdoing it in all things). He spends most of his down time drinking and womanizing, while missing the old days of being in the thick of battle. “I wanted action,” he complains when their kidnapping scheme goes off without a fight; no killing and no fighting in his mind is “useless.” Being unable to do things (get it up with a dozen women, get into a brawl, etc) makes him feel “old and fat and worthless.” When he has trouble making love to a trio of milk maids, Porthos attempts to kill himself and then is angry at his friends for having sawed the beam, causing the entire structure to collapse. He is only happy at the end of the film, because he gets to brawl and kill people. He is logical and detached, but also complains a lot, and cannot be happy unless Aramis and his friends are in on the “fun” with him (because his tert-Fe likes everyone to be in a consensus of behaviors). Porthos cannot imagine his life ahead containing anything decent if he cannot live it to the fullest, so he intends to go out in a blaze of glory. If he must die, it will be spectacular.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/so

Porthos announces his name and expects to get deference from it, because of his reputation as a champion fighter and carouser. He likes to provoke people and get a rise out of them, and doesn’t feel like he is bonding with Aramis unless he gets punched in the face. That’s a language he can speak! He looks for intensity wherever he goes, and if there is none, he’s bored and “brings it” (stirs people up, so that things get more exciting). The idea of being worthless depresses him enough to contemplate suicide and then he’s full of rage when his friends sabotage his attempts to kill himself, since it was HIS choice. His 7 wing seeks constant distractions and pleasures in over-drinking, over-eating, over-womanizing, and not wanting to be bored. He becomes impatient when stuck in the country because there’s nothing fun to do.