Eda constantly rebels against authority and has her own way of doing things. Where other people saw useless junk, she saw a business opportunity and a way to sell “human stuff” to unwitting customers. She sees Luz’s potential and takes her in as an apprentice, but is reluctant to teach her magic until she proves herself. She has a lot of resentment toward magical schools due to her own experience with them as a child (she sees them as a place that creates universal thinking and doesn’t allow for imagination or fun), and she spent most of her time there pranking people and casting spells to inconvenience others and defy the authorities. She congratulates Luz the first time she gets her face on a wanted poster, since it means she’s going places. Eda leaps to quick conclusions about situations, knowing immediately if Luz is being manipulated to get at her. Opportunistic and free-thinking, Eda prefers to rationalize her way out of situations or find a way to turn them to her own advantage, rather than be emotionally attached to them. Though over time, she becomes fonder and fonder of Luz, even going so far as to sacrifice her own well-being to keep her safe. She’s protective of her friends and quick to act on their behalf, though she claims she isn’t attached to them. She also looks for ways to irritate people, such as informing her demon she intends to rename him “Mr. Snuggles” if he cannot teach a trash slug to obey him. Eda ties a lot of her resentment toward the establishment to her own negative experiences with it in school. She has forgotten and/or has no interest in much of her childhood.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/sx

Eda hates constraints of any kind – she rebelled against teachers who tried to control her, she has a string of boyfriends she no longer sees who thought they could tame her (or in some cases, cut off her head), and she goes her own way in life. She is witty and sarcastic, but shies away from commitment, doesn’t want to be part of a coven (they have too many rules), and is somewhat cavalier in how she instructs Luz. She is opportunistic and always looking for an angle, quite proud of her rule-breaking and for being “wanted” by the authorities, and ducks out of places before she can get arrested. She doesn’t forgive or forget, sometimes eats her enemies (“Oh, did you want some?”), and calmly handles any situation life throws at her, confident she can do it. She can be condescending of those who “need” people or want to conform, because she’s all about breaking the rules.