Luz is such a creatively imaginative child, her mom has to pack her off to a “reality check camp” in the hope of grounding her a little more in reality. It doesn’t work, however, because Luz follows a witch into an alternate universe where she excitedly discovers that real magic exists. She wants to become a witch and begs this person to teach her; her spell learning is all intuitive, her just figuring out how to do things as she goes along with them. Luz is also somewhat naïve, easily tricked into luring Eda into a trap at one point. She comes up with whacky ideas about how to make friends, including pretending to be the results of one of their spells (a “creature”) – until a teacher finds her too lifelike and wants to dissect her! Luz is emotional and sweet, concerned with helping other creatures, but also doesn’t know how not to be “weird” – she alienates people in the real world due to her over-graphic depictions of things (such as stabbing herself in a play and spewing fake guts everywhere), she isn’t aware of the real reason a classmate appears not to like her, and she won’t be dissuaded from her ideas about reality even when others try to ground her. Luz is, however, worried about disappointing her mother and making her upset if she ever finds out the truth – that instead of camp or another school, she’s going to a magical academy and working for a witch. Luz isn’t grounded at all, doesn’t appear to be very sentimental, and never thinks of the most rational choice first. She just… goes with things.

Enneagram: 7w6 sx/so

Luz is delighted with everything, all the time – always looking for the best in a situation, highly imaginative, easily bored, non-conforming, and desirous of discovering whatever is most interesting, magical, or mystical in the world around her. She is wildly impractical and unrealistic most of the time, always looking for the good in people, and even though she feels different and weird, she never lets it stop her from charging into situations prepared to tackle them headfirst. Luz can be apprehensive at times about the unknown, and lapses into a desire to be careful in hindsight, much more than initially. She likes to be liked and included, but isn’t sure how to go about this. She won’t leave her friends behind and often musters the courage to save them.