Diego started out as a cunning and remorseless killer, who over time, became more sympathetic to other animals’ lives and more amenable to changing his own, by being around a group of people who love and take care of each other (Fe development). He began his journey by attempting to bring his pack leader a human baby, knowing full well his boss would kill and eat it. But he retains his sarcastic, logical tone, as he points out the absurdities of Sid (and sometimes asks if he can eat Sid to get him to shut up and stop being so annoying), and the irrational conclusions of those around him. Diego has no problem being combative or argumentative, and doesn’t talk as much as he directly acts. Diego uses his physical body to problem solve and make things happen—leaping into action, and seeing opportunities where he can act, such as when they are captured by pirates, Diego asks Manny to “swing him” within reach of the rope, so he can bite it off with his teeth and get free of his bonds. He is quick to intervene and save people when necessary, but also feels for a while like he has “lost his edge” and strikes out on his own, to become a “ruthless hunter” once again (yet falls back in with his friends after a brief period of solitude). Diego on occasion shows flashes of insight, but has a consistent lack of awareness and awkwardness toward his own feelings. He denies being soft or caring about Shira, he angrily tries to choke Sid when the sloth mocks his fear of the water, and he has a short temper. But over time, he starts being amenable and more compassionate, aware that his behavior has been hurtful, and comes to see Manny, Sid, and others as his “pack.”

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/so

Diego has a gruff manner and prefers to remain detached from the other animals, insistent on his lack of vulnerability and defensive when challenged. He can angrily lash out against others when they make him feel small, and has no problem causing trouble with his fierce opinions, though over time, he starts to lean into his 9 wing more and is less aggressive and more comfortable with a quiet, more peaceful life. He is quite brutally honest at times, pointing out to Shira that she can bluster about being a bad-ass all she wants, she still went from one pack straight into another one, and is looking for somewhere to belong. He admits that he wanted to go at life alone, until he found out what a real family is like, and then he decided to stay put. From time to time, he separates from his friends and goes off alone, but always returns to them later. Even though Sid drives him insane, he manages to control his temper some of the time and resorts to sarcasm and insults rather than trying to hurt him. He mellows as the films progress, and becomes more of a grouchy mild-mannered saber than he was at first.