Caroline is wrapped up in her own feelings and wants to be left alone; she comes to the villa with the express intention of not having people talk to her, and being away from her friends. She says it’s lovely to go someplace with strangers, so they don’t talk about anyone she already knows. When Miss Fisher is annoyed with her small deception about a headache (she just wants to lie out in the sun and doze), Caroline tells her “isn’t it lovelier to come out here and find me well, than find me ill?” She’s tired of the same old things and people and needs to get away, since it’s boring to only socialize with people you know. She picks the nicest room for herself when she arrives, and has the maid take out the second bed (not realizing and not really minding that the maid crams it into someone else’s room). She says she needs to stroke her ruffled feathers smooth again, and set herself straight. She asserts her gentle but firm opinions easily (“I hate authors, don’t you?”). When the other girls consider inviting a guest, she assures them she has no desire to invite anyone she knows since the intention was to get away from everyone. Caroline is a socialite who gets absorbed into whatever she is doing, even if that is laying outside on a hammock and holding a parasol. She is used to little luxuries and pleasures, including running up the bills a little bit because she isn’t thinking about the expense of their meals. When Mrs. Fisher asks her what they should do about the bills, she suggests doing nothing! And then offers to pay them. She has been too much in the world, being “grabbed” by men, and now wants to withdraw and not give it what it “wants from me.” Caroline has come to think and contemplate, and finds herself slipping into low Ni observations, including how her mind “slips sideways” in Italy. She doesn’t find happiness until she meets a man who doesn’t care about her face, but instead wants to love her for her inner self.

Enneagram: 4w3 so/sx

Caroline has everything and yet isn’t happy. She looks upon the easy satisfaction of Lotty and marvels at it, wondering why she cannot be happy in the way that others are happy. She resents being beautiful even though it has gotten her further in life, because it causes people to focus on her face rather than her soul. She wants to be “wonderful inside.” She asks why she isn’t satisfied, and only feels drawn to a man once she realizes he has been in love with Rose and has no interest in her physical appearance (wanting and feeling drawn to what she cannot have, and disdaining what she can have – all the men chasing her). Her 3 wing loves luxury and thinks she deserves the best of everything. She perks up and plays a role whenever she has to, including pretending she has never met Rose’s husband before.