Bob owns his own construction company and after his wife dies, makes it his personal mission in life to build the ape enclosure just the way she wanted it; he informs the men on the job that he is doing this for her, and he doesn’t need the money, so he will walk “unless” he’s allowed to build it exactly to her specifications. He’s reliable and responsible, maintains the same lifestyle had before her death, and only comes out of his grief when he meets Grace. They have an instant connection that coaxes him out of his lethargy and encourages him to date again, where he shows a likable tendency to express his feelings easily. He teases and messes with people a little bit, by inferring that they should put the face of the “anonymous” donor up in the monkey house, and tries to ease his wife’s anxieties about her speech by informing her that when stands in the light just right, he can see right through her dress. Even after he gets upset with their dog for still staring at the door, hoping his wife will come through it a year later, he quickly feels bad about it, apologizes, and tells the dog he’s glad he’s made it “halfway to the kitchen, at least.” The minute he finds Grace, he starts to pursue her and is very upfront about what he wants—asking her to go on a date with him, saying how much he enjoys their time together, and asking others for reassurances about whether he should approach her. He asks if he looks all right, and finds a tactful way to skip out on dinner with an intolerable date by pretending he must go to work (he doesn’t like how she treats Grace, and finds it funny that Grace fills her ‘water bottle’ with tap water). Bob doesn’t put things together about Grace’s heart surgery and his wife’s death until she confesses she wrote him the letter that he has kept on his desk, in gratitude for his wife’s heart. Then, it takes him some time to recover, before he rushes off to find her again, his heart in his hand and a song in his soul.

Enneagram: 2w1 sp/so

Bob is warm and eager to connect to and look out for the women in his life. He helps Grace out in the garden in covering her flowers as an excuse to be close to her, then later purchases and gives her a bicycle because he knows that is her dream. He offers to walk her home, and to buy her two scoops of ice cream. He supported his wife in all her endeavors and even after her death, is still trying to do things to honor her memory. He says he wants to make her dream come true; I can do this for her. He’s emotional and reactive, and sometimes aggressive and angry when he’s not getting his way or under stress, such as when he threatens to pull his entire crew off the job at the zoo unless they let him build the enclosure he wants. His 1 wing is focused on doing the honorable thing and holding to the commitment he made to his wife.