Grace put her life on hold while she waited for a new heart, and has also waited to go out and see the world, out of a desire to accommodate her grandfather and keep him content, even if she would love to travel and see the places she “paints from my dreams.” She has not much of a social life, since she prefers to spend her down time at her best friend’s house talking about things (and her feelings), and she is wildly uncomfortable when caught off guard or thrust into a new situation, such as when her friend’s husband invites over an ex-priest as her date. She tolerates meeting people at the bar others are hoping to set her up with, but also makes quick, but polite escapes. Grace is highly aware of and accommodating of other’s feelings, but also feels a pressing need to share her own. She’s so excited after she meets Bob, she sneaks out to her friend’s house in the middle of the night to tell her about it. She asks what she should do and how to behave on a date. Grace tells her friend all about the angst she has over sharing the fact that she has Bob’s dead wife’s heart, and wonders what she should do about it. She doesn’t tell him the truth about her heart surgery for a long time, out of a sense of shame about it. But she also confesses to her doctor that she’s happy… of course she is, shouldn’t I be? In truth, she isn’t as happy as she wishes she could be, and she feels guilt for not being happier to be alive. Instead, she feels a need to thank the family of the woman whose heart she received. When she runs away abroad after telling Bob the truth, she says she’s going away so “you won’t be reminded (of your loss).” Grace doesn’t show much intuition, though she is hopeful about her future and can be funny and charming, sometimes witty in her puns and deeply sarcastic when the mood arises.

Enneagram: 9w8 so/sp

Grace is fearful of being rejected and of causing conflict. She goes along with her grandfather’s wishes to keep him happy, she manages to mostly keep her temper when customers treat her rudely, and she runs away from the hard truth when it needs told, avoiding it until the last possible minute. She doesn’t want anyone to know about her surgery, and then procrastinates about telling Bob the truth. She is super accommodating, sweet, and polite, self-conscious, and lies to cover up her insecurities. Her 8 wing, however, gives her a bit of fire. When a rude customer is mean to her, Grace uses sarcasm to get back at her, then passive-aggressively dumps out her expensive bottled water and fills it with tap water. (She makes a face about possibly getting “told on,” but doesn’t fetch another bottle when she’s caught by Bob.) She slaps him across the face when she thinks he’s trying to look down her shirt (it’s an accident) and instantly becomes apologetic for her overreaction.