Function Order: Se-Ti-Fe-Ni

Alberto was abandoned to live his own life by his father, and has filled his days with adventures—he’s forever doing things (going deep sea diving in an old suit he found, collecting human junk, visiting the town, etc). He doesn’t concern himself with long-term plans, and is opportunistic—he agrees with Luca that they should team up with Giulia to compete in a local race so they can win enough money to buy a Vespa, which he intends to “take around the world.” He has no interest in staying in one place for the rest of his life, and is eager to entice Luca into doing things with him, including yanking him up on land, showing him how to walk (extend your leg and then let it catch you before you fall), engaging in an eating contest, etc. He and Luca spend hours trying to build their own Vespa and make it work. He also looks for leverage in situations, to swing them to his advantage, but mostly shows charming tendencies in his ability to sweet-talk people into things. Luca confidently uses Italian without knowing what all of the big words mean (and laughs it off when people get insulted). He convinces Luca to stick around by persuading him of things. And he is somewhat immature and jealous when Luca starts spending time with Giulia, since it means less time for his best friend. Rather than be honest about his feelings, he reacts competitively and shows his anger. But toward the end of the film, he matures enough to realize Luca wants to attend school, and sacrifices their dream of riding around the world to buy his friend a ticket to the academy. Alberto has clung to his dream of globe-trotting, but that’s his only “long-term” plan.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Alberto says whenever the voice in his head cautions him against danger, he tells it to shut up! He keeps himself busy and entertained and full of fun to avoid thinking about how sad it makes him that his father straight-up abandoned him and has never come back for him. He pretends he doesn’t need people to cover up his deeper insecurities. He keeps things light, always brushes off Luca’s concerns with optimism, and is confident and swaggering in his somewhat “enhanced” skills (he’s the best at everything, according to him). Alberto makes up stories to cover up what he doesn’t know, like stars being fish that sleep in the sky at night, and how he has touched the moon. Once. It felt like a fish. He shows some aggression in his dealings with other people, but also wants to build a family and find others who will accept him, which draws him to Luca. He feels threatened when Giuila comes between them, but also ultimately satisfies his own wants and needs to give Luca a chance at an education.