Luca: Giulia Marcovaldo [ESFP 7w6]

Function Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Giulia is an ambitious young girl who has competed in the local games each year, determined to win but always upset by an older competitor. Once she meets Luca and Alberto, she is surprised by their wish to compete, but then sees how they could all do this together, and undertakes the laborious process of deciding who is going to do what in the competition and teaching them what to expect (Luca needs to up his bike skills, for which she will be his trainer, and Alberto must be prepared to wolf down just about any kind of pasta imaginable). She asks them if they need a place to stay and offers them her tree fort, brings them into her family, and even runs errands for her father to help pay for her entrance fees (expecting them to help out on the boat with the fish). Giulia is compassionate and good natured, but also fiercely opinionated. She tells off people on occasion, and objects to them beating around the bush; she reminds someone to “get to the rules” rather than going on and on about sea monsters to entertain the kids. She points out that Luca, while sweet, is naïve about the real world, and shows him the facts about the sky, the moon, and so on, so he doesn’t go around thinking nonsense like the heavens are full of fish. She is surprised when he thinks beyond the obvious, wondering what’s past the galaxies, because she has never thought about that before. Giulia finds the boys strange, but doesn’t realize they have anything to hide until she sees one of them transform into a sea monster. She then doesn’t assume Luca knew about it, or has anything to hide, until she tosses water on him to make a point, and sees his skin turn blue.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sp

Giulia is ambitious and good-natured, optimistic about her chances at winning and confident she can pull it off… if they would just level the playing field a bit more! She quickly makes friends and trusts them, without ever second-guessing them or their choices. Giulia likes to keep things light and encourage them, but also has a more cautious side. When she finds out the truth about Luca, she asks him if he’s an idiot for coming to HER town, the town obsessed with killing his kind, not to mention her father’s desire to harpoon the sea monsters! She doesn’t think he should compete, because he might get found out and killed. But she’s also tolerant of their differences and willing to remain friends with them both, even after finding out they aren’t “humans.”