Hiccup is an ingenious inventor, who knows how to rig just about anything to work, from inventing a tail for Toothless once he figures out why the dragon cannot fly, to various inventions he uses to thwart his enemies in the first and second film (things that create smoke, a flaming sword, etc). He fills his room with drawings of all his ideas and inventions, and has a rather naive and idealistic way of looking at the world; he assumes in the second film that he can “talk to” someone and convince him not to round up and take control of all the dragons, as if communication is the only avenue left to him. Hiccup experiments with Toothless, learning as he goes and developing his skills, eventually befriending the little dragon and putting his faith in him as his noble steed. He loves to be at the forge creating or fixing something, and doesn’t like the idea of being trapped into being the chief of his clan, since that’s “my father… not me.” He remakes over his village to make it more dragon-friendly, to attract them and make their home an appealing place for them to live voluntarily. He initially makes something to kill a dragon with, out of his own ignorance and bias. Hiccup knows that his bond with Toothless can help him break the Alpha’s hold on him, and trusts his insights about that. At first, he’s afraid to be kind to Toothless because of all the stories he has heard about his kind, but soon comes to understand him on an intuitive level and see his greater potential and that of the village. Hiccup loves to explore new territories and carefully chart them, recording all the details on his map. Though he wants to forge his own destiny, he also feels a sense of responsibility to his home, to abide by its traditions and uphold its laws. It takes him some effort, initially, to break away from what he was taught about dragons and come to see them in a different light, but his own experiences with Toothless change him. Hiccup assumes his enemy has a good reason for the decisions he makes, and that he can talk him rationally out of it, convince him to do the right thing, and decrease the threat against the dragons. He’s disappointed to find out this is not the case. Under stress, Hiccup can lash out at other people, including Toothless after his father’s death, even though it wasn’t really the little dragon’s fault. He also knows how to appeal to him on an emotional level, to wake him up from the Alpha’s thrall, and mobilizes his friends together as a group to take a stand. His determination to do the right thing causes others to change their mind about dragons and join his case. But he’s less interested in being “part of” the clan than he is in doing his own thing, and doesn’t really care that he’s missed out on the “games” to chart his own course.

Enneagram: 9w1 sp/so

Hiccup is a gentle, compassionate, and good-natured boy with a fine sense of humor, who tends to become more amenable whenever he’s around Toothless. He feels immediate remorse at having hurt him and then… befriends him. He doesn’t hold his own injury against the little dragon and even laughingly says “he evened the score,” as repayment for having hurt his tail. Hiccup manages to remain calm in most situations, and also avoids conflict. He doesn’t want to fight with his father more than is necessary, he forgives his mother for having abandoned him and never returned for him, even though it was hurtful, and he tries to make friends even with his enemies. He prefers a diplomatic approach and to resolve things with conversation as a peacemaker and only resorts to violence as a last resort. He feels bad whenever he lashes out at people (or his dragon) and tells them off, and wants to apologize quickly. Hiccup also wants to do the right, moral, and good thing, and focuses on determining what that is. He’s determined to stand by them, even when his father doesn’t like his notions about dragons and confronts him about it. Hiccup is a risk-taker, who assumes he will be fine, but can show slight 6 tendencies under stress, as he becomes more anxious and apprehensive about his survival.