Die Hard: John McClane [ISTP 7w8]

Function Order: Ti-Se-Ni-Fe

John is a highly creative thinker, who uses a combination of logical assessments (how does the environment work, and what can I do with it?) and environmental awareness to keep himself out of the clutches of Hans and his men, when a group of terrorists take over the building and attempt to break into the vault. He spies on them, goes into hand and hand combat with them, gives them unloaded weapons, tests how smart they are, climbs up the elevator shaft (after using his weapon to lower himself down into it and jamming a screwdriver in the doors to keep them open), races across rooftops, and otherwise gives them “hell” inside the building – and he does it all barefoot. As a cop, he was known for breaking the rules and doing things outside the book, and he uses that knowledge to stay one step ahead of Hans while he tries to figure out what he’s up to, and keep his family safe. He argues that one man tell the truth and deny knowing him, stop pretending that they are old friends, because he’s going to get himself killed – and he’s right. He follows his hunch, and senses that the man he meets on the roof isn’t who he says he is (he’s right; it’s Hans). John at first berates himself for his lack of emotional charm, because he quickly turns a discussion (that could lead to his wife inviting him back into her life) into an argument that causes her to leave his side mad. He taunts Hans throughout their interactions, to purposefully goad him in an attempt to get him to reveal what he’s up to, and to unnerve him. The more time that goes by, the more exasperated he becomes with local law enforcement and other people; John swears at them, threatens them, and tells them to “come and arrest me then,” losing his temper and displaying inferior Fe bouts of aggression and rage at not being taken seriously.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/so

John didn’t want to move halfway across the States even to save his marriage, because he assumed his wife would come back to him and had no intention of giving up the job he loves working for the NYPD. There, he breaks rules and receives censorship for his off-the books style of being a cop (he improvises and doesn’t care about authority). He manages to maintain his sense of humor throughout his ordeal, continuing to crack jokes and make himself chuckle, but also in his slightly warped sense of humor in dealing with Hans (he sends a dead body down to them wrapped in Christmas lights with a Santa hat). The more others push him, ignore him, or won’t listen to him, the madder he gets, until he’s swearing at everyone and telling them off for being idiots. He knows who has the upper hand and intends to take it away from them, but also urges people not to be stupid, and to be honest with Hans, because John has no delusions about how dangerous he is.