Mia is one of the most popular and well-liked girls at the school, because she’s warm and outreaching to people. She immediately makes Victor feel at home, and invites him into her life. Whenever she doesn’t like someone, she is also forthcoming about it – she doesn’t want her dad’s new girlfriend to replace her mom, so she is somewhat cool to her, while still doing all the things her father expects from her. She also expects Victor to move at a pace that she assumes is appropriate – she doesn’t understand why he hasn’t wanted to sleep with her, after dating for a while, and tries to arrange a romantic evening for the two of them. When Victor chickens out and invites his friends over, she is upset with him for not reading her better. She quickly establishes a boundary with a boy when he kisses her, and tells him their hook-up was a one time deal; but she also appreciates him being nice to her, whenever it’s genuine and not a ploy for attention. Mia has standard expectations for things – how relationships work, what gestures mean, and feels at a loss when things don’t go according to how she thinks they should. She doesn’t suspect that Victor’s reluctance to get too close might be more than him just “not feeling ready,” and accepts him at his word. She also notices and comments on things, such as wondering if her father’s girlfriend is now pregnant, and thinking about how that’s going to impact and change their lives (and not in a way she likes). Mia doesn’t question her own motivations much, or her decisions until after she has made them. Then, she has regrets on occasion.

Enneagram: 2w3 so/sp

Mia is popular and well-liked because she’s generous to everyone and not afraid to act on their behalf. She looks for ways to appeal to other people and moves toward them for closeness, rather than pulls away – she wound up having sex for the first time after her mother called in the middle of the night. Mia got upset, and then sought comfort in a boy’s arms. She doesn’t understand Victor’s distance and how he keeps disappointing her by not being there for her when she expects him to be. She’s also straightforward with her opinions; she doesn’t pretend to like her potential new stepmother so much as she’s distant and frosty toward her – but she actively looks for ways to appeal to Victor’s mother, because she wants her approval. She admits that she isn’t sure how to get it, and her honesty prompts Victor’s mom to be less guarded and suspicious around her. Mia likes to be the center of attention and isn’t sure what keeps Victor from wanting her all of the time; she gracefully handles most bad situations and doesn’t lose her cool in front of anyone, instead retreating to be alone.