Bram is a highly private young man who is reluctant to come out, because he isn’t sure how people are going to respond to him or treat him. When Simon is exposed, Bram tells him that he’s sorry for him, but can’t afford to talk to him anymore – and immediately deletes his account of fear that someone is going to find out the truth. When he decides to be courageous and show up at the Ferris wheel, he’s afraid that Simon is going to feel disappointed that it’s him. Bram isn’t ready yet to come out and can’t be pushed into it, until he decides to do it for himself. He throws a massive party while his mom is gone, and invites everyone at school, where he immediately gets drunk and makes out with a girl in an attempt to explore a different lifestyle. He’s an active sports student, and in the sequel series, takes Victor out on the town to help introduce him to “gay” hangouts. They play basketball (he shows Victor there’s a gay league), attend a drag club (where he has to point out to Victor that he’s being flirted with), and do other things. Bram wants him to know there’s a life to be lived, regardless of his sexual orientation, and people who will accept him for who he is.

Enneagram: 6w7 so/sp

Bram is scared of coming out, of being exposed, and becoming a target. He’s fearful of losing his friends and of total strangers making fun of him. So he shields his identity behind a screen name, remains anonymous, and tells Simon even after they’ve become emotionally intimate over e-mail that he’s not ready for anyone to know who he is yet. When Simon is exposed, he cuts off all contact with him by deleting his e-mail address, out of fear it will lead to and expose him. In person, he’s a good-natured, friendly but somewhat shy young man, who also tries to introduce his friends to having a “goo time.” He has a whacky sense of humor, as displayed in his choice of “post-presidency Barak Obama” as his Halloween costume. He also distracts himself from his pain by getting drunk and making out with people (he isn’t into it and soon stops it).