Emery makes all his decisions from his heart, based on an instinctual sense of ‘sharing’ something with Anna. He senses a chemistry and meeting of the minds between them, which leads him to ask her out on a date the first night they land in Australia. When she doesn’t turn up, he imagines something is wrong (it is) rather than that she has no interest in her, and looks for her. This quest, this obsession, leads him to the gold fields, where he falls in with the wrong man, because he is so naïve and delighted with novelty. He wanders in one direction and then another, always wanting to come back to Anna and learn more about her, and connect to her. Emery makes a moral judgment against his partner that he doesn’t want to find any gold on their mine, because it would force him to share it with a bad person… so he doesn’t do any mining and discourages his friends from doing it also, never thinking that he could be held financially responsible for these actions. He judges people based on their appearances and at first, doesn’t think ill of anyone. Emery assumes because he can read, she can also (and she doesn’t tell him that she can’t). Quite trusting, he gets taken advantage of by his “friends” who leave him to pay his hotel bill. The other characters find him good-natured and idealistic, and not prone to realizing the seriousness of what’s happening around him. He’s delighted when a local shows him how to hunt, fish, and pan for gold, but doesn’t make many sensible decisions. He simply wants to act decisively and help Anna out of her bad situation, once he finds her.

Enneagram: 9w1 sx/so

Emery is very trusting and easily mislead, duped into paying the hotel bill for his friends, and convinced to get involved in a mine venture with a dangerous man. Rather than confront him with what he doesn’t like about his actions, he simply does nothing at the mine… allowing it to stagnate and not panning for gold, because he doesn’t want any conflict or anyone to find out what’s going on. Everyone thinks of him as good-natured, innocent, naïve, and compassionate. He wants to help Anna, but never pushes her too hard to confide in him or accept him. He is “okay” with almost everything and winds up even being all right with the idea that he must work off his debts in prison and start over again to find his fortune in a few years.