Function Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Anna is a very quiet individual who keeps her strong emotions mostly to herself, but also acts on them. She doesn’t believe it’s right for Lydia to cheat her out of her money, but stays out of curiosity to find out her reasons why. She also believes it’s morally wrong for Lydia to cheat her husband out of her fortune, so she warns him of her intentions. She is kind to a boy she sees beaten in the street, gives him a blanket, bandages up his face, and gives him laudanum to numb the pain. But her decisions are all emotionally motivated, and often lack common sense. She sleeps with Lydia’s husband because she feels like it, she goes to the gold field without confirming that’s where Emery is, she believes Lydia at first and trusts her without questioning her motives, she only becomes a prostitute to survive—and then insists on dealing with the pain of her miscarriage alone, refusing to let anyone else comfort her. She often judges things based on appearances and when mysterious things start happening to her, she doesn’t know what is going on or what to believe beyond what she sees with her own two eyes, and what she experiences. Anna left England and came to the gold fields to make her fortune without being able to read, a rather daring thing to do. She uses her body to earn a living when she has no other choice, but can also be impulsive sexually (sleeping with Mr. Wells and Emery on short acquaintance). Anna takes up a job in the casino when she finds herself short of funds, and uses her ears and eyes to pick up useful information. Anna wanders all around town, even in the more dangerous places, and becomes an opium addict. Her foresight is extremely poor in that she rarely thinks about the consequences of any of her actions, preferring to make things up as she goes along and use whatever opportunities arise for her. Anna tries to shoot herself to get out of something, only to discover she has harmed Emery instead–and believe she has killed him. She comes to believe in the nature of ‘astral twins’ and has an interest in portents, learning to read the planets, and spends some time pondering these things. She can be blunt and forceful under stress.

Enneagram: 9w1 sx/so

Anna is naïve and trusting, and assumes at first that she can believe whatever other people tell her. She doesn’t think Lydia has any nefarious reason to lie to her about which hotel to find Emery in, and relies on her “friendship” until she finds her stolen purse in Lydia’s pocket… then, instead of taking it back and leaving, she… stays. She sort of ‘falls into’ doing things she doesn’t want to do, because she lacks the resources and the will to say no. Anna has strong moral views about certain things, but almost never confronts anyone. She will go behind their back to warn people about them, and occasionally loses her temper with people, but mostly is quiet, withdrawn, numbed out, and shows little interest in being reactive to anything. She refuses to take gold that doesn’t belong to her, to cheat people, and is quite passive. She easily becomes romantically entangled with people.