Function Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Rogers has spent his life in service, is comfortable with it, and does what he is told without questioning it, which means he and his wife set up shop on the island, take care of all the necessary duties involved with a “large” party, and make sure it all runs according to clockwork. Even after people start winding up dead, Rogers continues to care for the rest of them and attend to his duties, because it’s what he is “there” for. He doesn’t mind working around dead bodies, and has a simple, logical explanation for all of his decisions (he can whip them up dinner with liver and kidney pie, and he needs the camp bed out of the spare room, since they had “nowhere else to put it” and he can’t sleep in the same room as his wife’s corpse). He doesn’t intend to leave with the others, when they assume rescue is coming, because “I’m still employed here and there’s work to be done” in cleaning up the house. Through flashbacks, we find out he is rather callous and killed his last employer for financial gain, out of resentment that she did not intend to leave him any of her money despite his many years of faithful service. He does not share his feelings or theorize on what is happening, but instead focuses on what needs to be done and their immediate needs as guests.

Enneagram: 3w2 sp/so

Rogers has ‘become’ the perfect butler and servant, and insists on doing things properly according to how they might look and/or reflect on him and his wife as ‘servants.’ He tells her even if she doesn’t have time to dress one of the female guests, she needs to because “that’s how things are done” in high-class houses. He unscrupulously took matters into his own hands to pay a woman back for disrespecting him and financially gain from her death—and managed to get away with it. He stuffs down his emotions and insists on working and doing his duty regardless (even if his wife is dead, there’s still work to do around the house). His 2 wing prides itself on being necessary, dutiful, and receives compliments well, and looks for ways to be of service.