Hank is a top-notch businessman who also has tunnel vision; as a physicist, he invented the Ant Man Suit after discovering Pym Particles, then worked for SHIELD as a consultant. He also ran his own company until his daughter forced him out of it, then continued to work in his own laboratory – spending three years focusing on how to get his wife out of the Quantum Realm; he had previously thought this a lost cause, and there was nothing he could do about it (Te giving up when a problem doesn’t seem logically solvable) until Scott was able to come back from it intact. Hank programs worker ants to do his bidding and work on his machines, using them as slaves / unpaid labor to sustain his profits and get things done. He often criticizes others for their poor work performance, or for not having “original enough” ideas (such as his previous friend, whom he ceased working with after a fight). Hank calls the Ant Man suit “my life’s work,” and revolves every other original idea around its shrinking and resizing capabilities, going on to create buildings he can minimize and maximize at will, along with a case full of various automobiles they might need along the way. He doesn’t tend to consider alternative perspectives, either – he assumes his wife is “dead” forever in the Quantum Realm, but once he realizes she isn’t, and she’s trying to communicate through Scott, he assumes he can use Scott as a “beacon” to find her, and spends three years building a machine that will let him go find his wife and bring her back. In his younger years, Hank was somewhat reckless and impulsive, willing to don the Ant Man suit and go on daring rescue missions that demanded he improvise in the moment. He was able to get himself out of some sticky situations by throwing himself at risks. Hank has a lot of unresolved and immature emotions; he doesn’t suffer fools easily, is critical of everyone and everything, and is somewhat selfish. He doesn’t care about the Ghost’s well being and wants her out of the way so he can recover his wife. He vowed never to use his invention again after he lost his wife, and turned his back on SHIELD. He doesn’t care what they think of him or his inventions, but comes back into play when something happens that he cannot stand on a moral level (a competitor stealing his technology and selling it to HYDRA).

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/so

Hank is a somewhat abrasive and violent man, who easily loses his temper and refuses to get over grudges; even though he needs an ex-friend’s assistance in helping him recover his wife by asking him if he knows how to track a building whose trackers have been disabled, Hank becomes offended at one of his remarks about his wife and tries to attack him (Scott and his daughter stop him). He doesn’t have many friends or colleagues, because he’s temperamental and has a short fuse. When someone insults him about being unable to protect his wife, Hank smashed his face into the desk until his nose bled and threatened him with more violence if he ever mentioned her again. He was willing to destroy his own company to keep his technology from falling into the wrong hands, because he cared about the human fall-out (and he made sure to evacuate the building). He flatly refuses to compromise on anything and bears an obvious grudge toward Tony Stark, out of a dislike for his father. He even cuts ties with Scott because Scott helping out Captain America made them fugitives, and reconnects to him only to find his wife. Hank doesn’t bother with most people or their problems, and remains detached in a lot of situations, though he eventually comes to forgive some of the people he feels has wronged him.