Janet is a brilliant scientist who together with her husband, Hank, developed a way to shrink a human to the size of an ant while maintaining their strength. She immediately saw the greater potential in this, and pursued a life of using the suits he invented to keep the planet safe. Janet heavily pushes the idea of waiting until the “right time” to make moves in bad situations; when stuck in the Quantum Realm, she spends several decades envisioning her reunion with her husband and daughter, and planning for that eventuality, and isn’t altogether happy when her reunion with Hank is rushed (“This isn’t quite how I imagined it”). When Scott shows up in the Realm, she plans a communication device in him and uses that to reach out to her family. She temporarily takes over his mind and body and fixes a complicated algorithm that will allow her husband to come and find her, but points out to him that he needs to be very specific, and come for her within two hours, because another chance like this won’t come along for many years (this will only work here and now!). Janet lived with Hank, and put up with him, where many of his colleagues and friends did not; she stuck with him, despite his abrasive behavior, because she could see the good in him, the soul beneath the crusty exterior. She has a warm and amiable personality, is easily able to connect to and make her daughter feel safe, and did not hesitate to sacrifice her own life (and tell her husband to relay her love to Hope) for the greater good of humanity, when they realized the only way to diffuse a bomb was to go sub-atomic. Janet has a gift for mathematics, science, and numbers, is able to easily hack into and improve computer systems, and admits she had a long time to think about the technological advancement that would allow Hank to find and rescue her. She fought hard for the right to become the Wasp and accompany him on missions, putting herself at risk in the process but not showing much concern for her personal safety because she believed in what they were doing. She likes some amount of control over her environment, and to calculate things before she takes action, but under pressure doesn’t hesitate to do what she must, even if it means her death.  

Enneagram: 2w3 so/sx

Janet has a strong ability to sense what others need, and a desire to help them. She uses her husband’s work to get closer to him and to deepen their relationship, and isn’t content to merely sit on the sidelines – she wants to get into the action and help him help humanity at large through heroic rescue and intervention missions. She’s not back thirty seconds after spending decades alone in the Quantum Dimension before she’s drawn to Ghost, senses her pain, and wants to heal her from it using the energy she amassed in the place (“it changes you”). She can’t stand to leave a woman suffering or in pain, so she reaches out to help and heal her in the best way that she can. Janet is also ambitious and self-confident, convinced that she can do whatever her husband can do… maybe even better, some of the time.