The street-smart, tough-talking, blunt and businesslike Hope served as a chairman on her father’s board at Pym Technologies until Darren Cross tried to create and sell a new weapon based on her father’s Ant Man Suit. She trained Scott for battle (and to take a punch) and in the process, became more immersed in her father’s life, especially when after Scott emerged from the Quantum Realm, Hank realized he might be able to pull her mother / his wife out of it. She is way more straightforward than Scot, and focused on results. She’s technologically savvy and a good computer programmer, but they rely on her more for split-second rational decisions in the heat of battle. She also tells people what to do and expects them to do it, without any argument. Hope immediately judges Scott as inept and the wrong person for the job, and assumes she should do it instead. Hope is sensory-aware and focused, but also needs time to learn to adjust to her Wasp suit. She’s meticulous in how she teaches Scott to fight, and somewhat distrustful of his haphazard methods. When he ran off to join Captain America and landed himself under house arrest, she tells him that was a stupid and reckless thing to do. On the run from bad guys, Hope over-relies on her shrinking and enlarging technology to mess with them – making the car small enough to disappear up side streets or enlarging it under one of them, to flip it across the highway and render it unusable. She relies heavily on her martial arts training to win fights. She realizes Scott can’t sustain the level of oxygen he needs “major-sized” and she has to dive into the ocean to rescue him, after he passes out without being able to shrink his suit. She both trusts and distrusts him, given their long association together – at first she’s skeptical of his intentions, but later once he proves himself, she learns to rely on him. Hope initially has a lot of resentment toward her father, and forces him out of his own company, but then becomes loyal to his cause when he wants to bring her mother back out of the Quantum Realm. She spends three years working with him to make it happen. She doesn’t bring up her feelings much, although she is hard on people who appear to be slackers, irresponsible, or stupid.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/sx

It takes time for Hope to place her faith in you. She doesn’t trust or have much faith in Scott to start out with, until he proves himself competent, but then becomes loyal to him and willing to risk her life to save him. When he and her father have a falling out due to Scott’s actions causing them to go on the run to escape SHIELD, Hope sticks with her father, working to bring her mother home alive. She only reaches out to Scott on his behalf, in the hope that whatever he knows can help them rescue her mother. She prefers to be level-headed and think carefully before she acts, but is also aggressive in protecting her own. Hope puts on a hard shell front to keep people intimidated. She automatically assumes she should be wearing the Ant Man suit, and calls Scott foolish for the decisions he made serving Captain America that took him out of the game. In earlier films, she taught Scott to fight and take hits, so he wouldn’t screw up as a hero, while thinking him unqualified for the job. (So she made him more so.) She’s delighted when her father lets her become the Wasp, because it’s time for her to shine. She’s competent at survival and always has a way to get herself out of a mess, even if that just includes picking a lock. Hope trusts her decisions and thinking more than that of other people, and prefers to remain unemotionally entangled.