Scott is both calculating and impulsive, inclined to think before he acts most of the time, but when Captain America calls on him, he rushes to his aid, becomes enormous in his suit, and lands in jail because “I did not think. He initially had no scruples about stealing the Ant-Man suit (and calculating how much time he’d need to escape before Hank found him), or destroying the database servers. Scott physically throws himself into action a lot of the time, and when stuck at home under house arrest, occupies his time with doing sensory things (baths, playing the drums at all hours, and rigging up his house to be a fun maze for his daughter’s weekend visit). He sometimes doesn’t look before he leaps, including going sub-atomic while on a mission and managing somehow to still come back alive for his kid. He is somewhat impulsive and risk-taking in how he adapts to the moment, choosing new allies, using a flatbed truck as a scooter during a chase, and allowing himself to be seen in public, even though he knows he should be at home and not draw any attention to himself. Scott has a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, and makes his living as a thief, masterminding heists and carrying them out, and rationally thinking his way through difficult problems as they arise. He’s an efficient hacker and his business partner relies on him to rig up stuff to impress their potential clients with. He has trouble connecting to his wife and daughter, even though he cares about them, because he prefers a more emotionally detached but hands-on approach to parenting – he will set up a cool, innovative “house maze” for his kid, as a substitute for emotional conversations (awkward!). He keeps things light much of the time and is outgoing and gregarious. He wants everyone around him to avoid intense emotions and have fun, so he’s forever cracking jokes and making fun of intense situations. But he doesn’t know how to connect to people or admit to his feelings. Scott does, however, want to live up to his daughter’s feelings of awe toward him, and be someone she can respect, since she admires him “helping people.” Scott has flashes of insight into people and their motivations, but uses his Ni more to plan out things in advance. He decides what he wants to do, and has it all outlined in his head, before he steals something. Scott also picks up new skills easily, even if he struggles to adapt, at first, to his Ant Man suit. He also assumes his vision of Janet Pym means something and wasn’t just a dream, which drives him to reach out to Hank.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sp

Scott doesn’t start out as the kind of parent you’d want your kid to emulate, since nothing is his fault, he’s unscrupulous, and just wants to live a life free of responsibilities to anyone and have a good time. He does, however, love his daughter, so he focuses a lot of his positive attention on her, and makes a name for himself as “the fun” parent. He rigs up an entire house full of wonders for her during a weekend visit, including a slide down the back steps, a papier-mâché ant in the basement crawl space, and remote controlled gadgets. He’s incredibly bored at home, so he soon breaks out of the house and gets caught up in helping Hope and her father rescue her mother. Scott keeps things fun by cracking jokes and looking for the humor in things. He will derail conversations to have a comedic argument. His 6 wing is also aware, however, of the risks involved in whatever he is doing. He doesn’t want to push things so far that he winds up in jail again (where there is no fun), so he tries to play it safe and stay under house arrest, so he can look after his daughter properly.