Paid Request: Inglourious Basterds: Lt. Aldo Raine [ESTP 7w8]

Function Order: Se-Ti-Fe-Ni

Aldo is a man who doesn’t listen to the rules and who makes things up as he goes along; he arrives as an American in Nazi-occupied France, where he sets up an elite gang of ass-kicking Jews hell-bent on killing and scalping every Nazi they run across, including a daring rescue mission to break a murderer-of-Nazis (in creative ways) out of prison and offer him, shall we say, a family and support for his nefarious deeds. He’s quite physical and risk-taking, while also being rational; when he hears about a stupid plan to pose a risky meeting with unknown allies in a basement tavern, he complains that it’s impossible to fight in a basement, since there’s only one way in or out. His hunch about this being a super foolish thing to do turns out right, when he has to go down there to fetch the only survivor – and then he turns around and applies literal pressure to her gunshot wound to get her to talk. When she complains that she won’t be walking on that leg anytime soon, Aldo rolls his eyes and says the vet will give her a plaster cast and she can come up with an explanation of some sort. He isn’t above fudging the truth or taking a risk, such as when he says he speaks passable Italian and… it turns out he barely knows more than one word. Though he winds up striking a deal with the lousy Nazi who manages to capture him, he’s not above hunting him down later and personally carving a swastika into his forehead, because that’s a “uniform you can’t take off.” Also, it’s his best work. He thinks his way out of problems and calculates their odds of success, while maintaining the notion that he and his gang are virtuous and doing the right thing, as a unit, a family, together for the greater good. Aldo has no reason to look into the future, he makes the most of his present, and doesn’t bother himself much with the repercussions of his actions, because most of them are sooo worth it.

Enneagram: 7w8 so/sp

Aldo is a cheerful, good-natured and no-nonsense guy, who puts a positive spin on whatever offer he gives people, even if it involves a dreadful alternative like a wound remaining open or a dude with a baseball bat coming out of the tunnel and beating your brains in (are you super sure you don’t want to point out the snipers on this map??). He has a cavalier attitude about the repercussions of his decisions, and isn’t much fussed about obeying the rules of engagement; they’re there to get broken, right? He uses aggression whenever it suits him, isn’t afraid to put pressure on people to make them give him what he wants, and has no truck with anyone who won’t take him or his men seriously. He calls a spade a spade, a stupid broad a stupid broad, and isn’t afraid of anyone or anything.

This character was typed for a reader, per their paid request.