Paid Request: Dune: Paul Atreides [INFJ 5w6]

Function Order: Ni-Fe-Ti-Se

Paul has an inner monologue of almost constant metaphors, suspicions, and thoughts about the future and what he intends to do next. “Try looking in that place where you dare not look. Yu will find me staring back at you.” “I will bend like a reed in the wind.” “My name is a killing word.” “We will be at the center of the universe.” “Fear is the mind killer. Fear is the little death.” He’s already planning out a strategy before he even becomes a “special person” among the race of desert-dwellers, and he knows how to wear the desert suit without being told, which surprises those around him. He is forever thinking about the unseen figures in the shadows, the people he believes are behind the movements others take for granted; without any evidence, he believes the emperor is pushing their enemies to attack them. He dreams of the future and it comes true, and is obsessed with spice, saying that it is transforming him from within and giving him powers, and wondering if they could use it in other ways. Paul is often contemplative, but also thinks in terms of what “we” (the people he chooses for himself) can accomplish. He becomes their god, their deity, their honored leader, their protector. He defeats the worm, bends it to his will, and forms a cult around himself. He motivates them with talk of how they will be at the center of the universe. Given his way, he would pointlessly philosophize and ruminate, figuring out things as he goes, and sometimes improvising but always with a plan. He is a fairly good fighter, though he’s trained for many years, and a risk-taker, who isn’t always aware of his own safety.

Enneagram: 5w6 so/sx

Paul is motivated by fear, although he continually denies it and pushes it away from himself, reminding himself not to be crippled by it, calling it the little death, and insisting upon being a leader in his own right, rather than relying on other people to solve his problems for him. He’s withdrawn, private, and disinterested in talking much about anything, but also makes rational decisions and aims for being exact in his decisions. He’s also somewhat fantastical in his thinking, focusing on dreams and their interpretations, trusting in his hunches and insights, and yet being distrustful of others. Suspecting they are up to something, or withholding information from him. He draws allies around him, cultivating them as his followers, and leaning on them for support, while also seeing himself as above them and able to teach them things.

This character was typed for a reader, per their paid request.