“Uncle Bart” makes his living extorting people for money, because unless they give him whatever he wants (money, sex, etc), he will set his “pet / human guard dog” (Danny) on them. After murdering Danny’s mother when the boy was quite small, because she rejected his advances and refused to give him to him, Bart made off with the kid and took a sort of grim, sadistic revenge by conditioning him through repeated abuses and training to kill people whenever Bart releases his collar. This unscrupulous method gets him whatever he wants, and when Danny escapes from him and becomes more independent, Bart is furious. He starts berating Danny, using emotional appeals and then baiting him when Danny refuses to fight or to kill people, saying that’s no longer who he is and it’s against his morals. Rather than diffuse the situation, Bart escalates it by being abusive, making threats, then trying to pretend to be conciliatory, and finally, almost sealing his own death sentence when he rattles off all the horrible things he did to Danny’s mother, in an attempt to goad him into violence. He’s opportunistic, and cares little for scruples; he brings home prostitutes and wants to do his thing in front of other people, not caring whether the chauffeur is watching or not. Bart tells Danny the past is dead and to not look back; all that matters is the present and the bright future ahead of them. He sees an opportunity to make a lot of money by having Danny do pit fighting, in which he makes massive wagers, and then insists that Danny is going to repay the bill. When Danny refuses to kill his opponent (thereby getting him the cash), Bart shoots him.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/so

Bart isn’t the healthiest or the nicest man on the block, but he’s brutally aware of how escalating situations can be used to his advantage. He storms into a business or a home, threatens them with death at the hands of Danny, and makes off with whatever he wants. When he should be more emotional and appealing to Danny’s better side, in an attempt to save his own life, instead, Bart chooses to threaten, cajole, mock, and berate him in an attempt to get him to lose his temper, since that’s the only language he knows – rage. He’s hedonistic and pleasure-seeking, bringing prostitutes back to his office for quick flings and denying any sense of personal responsibility. He glamorizes all his negative traits by putting a shine on them; pretending he rescued Danny, asserting that his mother was a bad person (so he was really the nice person here, to save the boy), and refusing to tell Danny the truth for a long time without sugarcoating his own role in events. He doesn’t like to focus on the negative past, and tries to convince Danny to think about more pleasant things, as well as offers him sensory rewards for a job well done (do you want a woman??).