Function Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Joe is a busy and successful journalist who knows a good opportunity when he sees it. On his way home one night, he comes across a pretty girl about to fall asleep (dangerously) on a public bench, and tries to do the right thing by dropping her off “somewhere.” But she can’t tell him where she lives, so he takes her home. Once he realizes she is the missing princess, he sees an opportunity to exploit the situation by doing an “expose” about the “real” Princess Ann, by treating her around Rome and photographing everything. He is  quite clever in finding her things to do, and in making sure it all goes his way, including knocking over drinks on his best friend when the man unwittingly almost spills the beans by saying, “Hey, you look like that princess!” Joe spends almost no time thinking about his practical needs, and is living hand to mouth, but doesn’t mind lending her his last few bucks so that she can have fun in the city. Joe is somewhat moral and respectful of her boundaries, wanting to treat her appropriately and not take advantage of her (and for her especially not to undress in a drunken stupor in front of him!). Eventually, the more fond he becomes of her, the more his emotions get involved, and he decides he cannot compromise her trust and faith in him even for a story, so he scraps it and keeps her secret when she returns to her life as a royal. Joe is quite good at getting what he wants, rationalizing his way through life, and taking risks (including gambling), but never thinks much about the future beyond his ambitions.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Joe is an excellent reporter and knows it. He’s good at self-promotion and at times, over-cocky and ambitious, promising his editor great things on which he may not be able to deliver. He’s full of confidence that he will succeed with Ann and easily able to persuade her to trust and like him, even though he’s also good at trying to establish boundaries (he tries to make sure she sleeps on the couch, not on his bed, but… well, loses out on that and gives up, allowing her to have it and his PJ’s too). His 2 wing is very helpful and generous, genuinely wanting to do the right thing by her and be seen as her white knight, so that she will trust and confide in him. He can’t just leave a total stranger alone on a park bench, after all – she needs someone to rescue her!