Function Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Ann is stuck living the life of a royal, which she isn’t especially thrilled with because it involves so much structure and keeping up with schedules. Her true heart lies in the cities she passes through without ever having experienced life, so one day she decides to sneak out of the palace by hitching a ride on the back of a trolly … and from there, inserts herself into the lives of the people around her. Most of all, she has experiences. She meets and talks to people, she uses what little money she borrows off of Joe to treat herself (and to cut her hair into a style that she feels more suits her personality), etc. She is quite innocently sweet and romantic-minded, but also opportunistic in how eager she is to engage with the world—ride boats and scooters, dance, etc. But she is not practical about any of it, does not suspect Joe is a journalist or that his friend is a photographer, and reluctantly returns to her life as a princess once it is all over. She shows very little practicality throughout, having decided on a whim to escape and taking no money with her!

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sx

Ann wishes she could life a different life, but has complied with her duty to the throne passively, and is pleasant to everyone around her. She is naïve in how easily she trusts people, never suspecting any ill of them and delighting in their presence. She has very little concern for her personal safety, as she starts to fall asleep on a public park bench and winds up sleeping in Joe’s apartment. Her gentle, sweet nature soon wins him over, but when all is said and done, duty to the throne and her responsibilities takes her back home again (her 1 wing desire to do what is right and be obedient to needs greater than herself).