Mobius believes, where no one else does, that despite all the bad things Loki has done (menial things like killing people in his quest for global and then galactic domination), he’ll team up with Mobius and stop his alternate self, thereby redeeming himself. He argues for this, against the advice of his superiors, while playing mind games with Loki and testing him out on an intuitive level – drawing conclusions about him and speculating on how he can change, since he believes “anyone can change.” He’s often aware of being manipulated and is distrustful whenever Loki does it to him, adopts “controversial methods” in his interrogation techniques, and has a “soft spot for broken things.” He thinks understanding this Loki will help him understand the other one, and figures out Loki’s plan immediately (his desire to take over the TVA). Mobius is often aware of how other people are feeling, and factors it into his decisions, but is stubborn about deciding what he wants to do, immovable when it comes to manipulation (he’s aware of it and resistant to it), and persistent in his idea that if he treats Loki nice, they can be friends (he’s insulted when Loki betrays him, because “I thought we were friends,” and then sets up Loki’s punishment, by forcing him to relive a moment in his past, over and over again, to remind him of what a terrible being he is). Mobius is overall forgiving and accepting, willing to give even his boss (who eradicates him, at one point) a second chance. He admits that he just wants to close his case, that’s all he’s asking for; his understanding is going for a useful purpose. Mobius is somewhat reliant on “what he knows,” and the information he’s gathered about Sylvie and Loki. Once burned, he also won’t give you a second chance to betray him. He also has a fascination with jet skis that has never left him, possibly the result of an echo of his previous life before he became a Variant.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Mobius is mild-mannered, tolerant, and good-natured. He’s worked for the TVA for a long time without guessing the truth about them, or asking uncomfortable questions. He’s idealistic and optimistic about the notion that Loki can redeem himself and be a good person who makes decent moral choices, and he stubbornly clings to this view, even when his superiors tell him that it’s nonsense. It takes a lot for Mobius to distrust Loki, or believe that his boss has kept important things from him for a long time. He’s usually calm, even in an intense situation, and willing to forgive people even after they betray him, but he also wants to do what is right, is principled, lectures Loki on the immoral things he’s done, and calls his life a waste because it was so much about fulfilling his own desires.